Software Scramble: The Debate is On
Collaborate | Posted November 02, 2012

I'm as happy as anyone that the presidential debates are finally over with, but, to be completely honest, I think I may be having withdrawals. Don't get me wrong, I have no interest in being one of the participants in a debate, but I do have a craving be the one to ask the questions that get a discussion or two started!

I may be coming off as a bit of an antagonizer here, but after seeing how last month's debates were moderated, I think I may be able to do a better job of keeping all parties on task! And since no one running for public office would ever allow me to moderate their debate, I'm going to propose my own software-related topics and see if I can spark some meaningful discussions!

That's why this week's Software Scramble is made up of an assortment of articles and blog posts about some of the industry's hottest, and most debatable, topics. Have anything to add to any of the arguments? Don't bite your tongue! Feel free to dive right in to any of these discussions by leaving a comment below. Okay, Let's get this started!

 Is it completely necessary today for development teams to abandon waterfall, adopt Agile methodologies, and implement a "technical debt" system? In this piece, @jeffsutherland offers up the pros and cons to technical debt systems. Digging even deeper, @gil_zilberfield debates whether or not we should even use the term "debt."  

 Here at SmartBear, we enjoy talking about changes to C++, and just yesterday we published a tutorial about lambda expressions. But @zhanyong has a good question here: Why are there so many C++ testing frameworks? Is it really necesary to have so many? Is it just that much more diverse than other languages, or are C++ programmers just the D.I.Y. type?

microsoft surface

 @codinghorror is adament that the laptops of today are going extinct! I noticed that this is a topic he's really been focusing on with his recent posts, but yesterday he came right out and asked, "Do you wanna touch?" Is the average consumer finally ready to give in to a touch-screen world, as he seems to think, or is this just an entertaining phase that still won't be practical in an office setting for another five years? 


If you're willing to shell out the $9/month, Ruby tapas could be an extremely useful asset for you. These short screencasts really will ramp up the level of your knowledge of the Ruby language. But what price are you willing to pay to this kind of information? Is paying for it worth the increased comprehension of the language when you may be able to find a similar means for free?

I'll leave you with this short video I put together with the help of @niclasreimertz and @kendalpeiguss. What do you think about Niclas' interpretation of the chicken and pig story? Does he make a legitimate point about the future of the industry?




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