Software Quality Mashup: 5 #fail based Software Development Stories
Collaborate | Posted September 14, 2012

It's not that we like to be negative here, but let's face it: no one is perfect. Not even us (I know, crazy right?). And lately we've noticed that this summer in particular has had more than its fair share of #fails - anyone remember 38 Studios?

Now, let me point out that not all fails are necessarily bad. Some are funny. Some are adorable. And some are just a little bit sad.


So, with that in mind, we figured there was no better time to embrace (and have a little fun with) some of the biggest software #fails that have occurred over the last few weeks. And after just a little bit of scavenging, we found these; five software development stories that made us want to do an epic facepalm. Enjoy. 


5 #fail based Software Development Stories

1.) Why Did GoDaddy Fail? - Who really is to blame for the big online #fail of the week? Was it an internal issue that caused GoDaddy to shut down for six hours, as the web hosting site claims, or was it a planned attack by Anonymous? 

2.) Why I'm Done with Scrum - "Less efficient... Wasteful... Highly disruptive." @jbogard stops just short of saying that Scrum has #failed him, but he definitely dances around the idea in this post. See for yourself why he has jumped off the bandwagon.

3.) Chrome Killed - Is Google Chrome's new restriction on extensions, apps, and userscripts from third-party sources a #fail or just a necessary safety precaution? We'll let you decide for yourself, but @BrowserFame seems to have their mind made up on this one.

4.) Price Tag of ERP Failure: $440 Million? - Revisiting the most costly #fail of the summer, @erickimberling highlights one part of the major technological clitch that caused Knight Capital to lose $440 million in a matter of minutes. 

5.) 10 Reasons Development Teams Don't Communicate - With so much collaboration going into software development these days, the last thing you want is for certain members of your team to end up in the same situation as Cool Hand Luke and his prison Captain. Here are 10 reasons that John Mueller says cause a #failure to communicate.







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