RedMonkTV Interviews SmartBear and Explores New Features in CodeCollaborator 6.0
Collaborate | Posted September 17, 2010

Haven’t yet seen a demo of CodeCollaborator 6.0? In these RedMonkTV videos with industry analyst Michael Coté, we provide a quick overview of some of the most noteworthy features added to CodeCollaborator 6.0.

Visit the RedMonk site to explore the features and view a CodeCollaborator 6.0 demo (scroll to bottom). A full transcript is also provided.

The CodeCollaborator 6.0 release builds on features added last year that allow development teams to review materials other than just plain text source files, such as URLs, PDFs and image files (JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, etc.).For example, the ability to review design schematics allows embedded firmware and hardware designers to participate in reviews as well.

New features within 6.0 further increase the value across development teams, adding even broader and richer support of leading development environments, new reporting features and more. A few of these new features include:

  • The ability to conduct peer review of Microsoft Office documents such as Microsoft Word;
  • Enhanced support for Eclipse and a new Microsoft Visual Studio add-in;
  • The ability to redact a comment; and zoom control for documents and image files;
  • And much more.

Earlier this week, SmartBear publicly announced CodeCollaborator 6.0 and shared some thoughts from a few customers who were able to beta the product (thank you to GE Aviation, Synopsys and Imprivata!)

You may also read more about all the new features by visiting our recent blog post, CodeCollaborator v6.0 is Here!

Thank you, RedMonk.


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