Reason #501 Not to Deploy Buggy Software
Collaborate | Posted January 11, 2013

The list of reasons NOT to deploy buggy software is nearly infinite. Just in 2012 we saw dozens of highly publicized and costly software bugs, from the Knight Capital's $440 million debacle, to glitches on voting machines during the presidential election, to issues on Facebook's first day of public trading. Even Windows 8 was plagued by claims that it was buggy even before it was officially released in October.

This video highlights reason #501 that you shouldn't release buggy software: Software bugs will kill your boss. I'll spare you all of the horrible Star Wars puns that are circling around in my head, and just say that Rick, our video ninja in-residence, did a great job piecing together this story, especially considering the quality of talent he was dealing with.

So, before that extremely un-Vader-like video clip discourages you, check out the video above to see how software bugs could lead to the death of your co-workers, and potentially bring balance to the force at the same time.

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