A Guide to Improving Code Quality and Collaboration on Your Development Team
Collaborate | Posted May 18, 2016

Earlier this year, SmartBear Software released our State of Code Quality 2016 report.

The goal of the report was to determine how software teams are building and maintaining code quality in a world where teams are being asked to move faster than ever before.

The report included input from more than 600 software professionals, across more than 30 industries. Participants in the survey work on software teams ranging from less than five employees up to more than 50 employees, and work for companies ranging from small businesses, with less than 25 employees, to enterprise organizations, with 10,000 employees or more.

When asked for the number one thing they felt organizations could be doing to improve code quality, the #1 response was code review. Furthermore, when asked specific questions about the benefits of code review and the factors they consider when choosing a code review tool:

  • 90% of respondents say that improving code quality is the biggest benefit of code review
  • 69% of respondents say that improving code quality is the biggest business driver determining the need for a code review tool

Organizations – from small businesses, with less than 25 employees to enterprise organizations with more than 10,000 employees – agree that when it comes to improving software quality, code review is king.

While code review is a critical component to code quality; it is just one piece of the quality puzzle.

Reviews help catch defects before code is sent to QA, but if there aren’t standards for the code you are writing and there isn’t a clear understanding of the user requirements, you will continue to run into bugs that can be costly for your organization.

In an increasingly agile world, collaboration on development teams needs to go beyond peer code review.

Software quality is driven by collaboration throughout the entire development lifecycle.

At each phase of the development process, collaboration is critical. You may already be doing some form of collaborative software development, but improving the efficiency of this process brings added speed, quality, and agility.

Developer collaboration can encompass the following:

  • Idea creation
  • User stories
  • Product requirements
  • Source code
  • Test artifacts
  • Deployment

In the idea generation phase, a good room and a white board might be all that is needed. But as user stories and requirements are written, the ability to provide feedback and track changes becomes even more important.

This is where having the right tools can make all the difference.

These tools include integrated development environments, build and test automation tools, requirements management and bug tracking tools, as well as peer review tools.

How can your development team work together to reduce defects, improve code quality, and bring these tools together?

These are the questions we wanted to answer in our newest eBook: A Guide to Improving Code Quality & Collaboration on Your Development Team.

The eBook covers:

  • Defining code quality: What does code quality really mean, and how can you take steps to improve it?
  • The role of collaboration in improving code quality: How can your dev team work together to reduce defects and improve the quality of the software you help build?
  • Collaboration through code reviews: What is the role of peer code review in an increasingly agile world?
  • Overcoming the obstacles of code review: What are the biggest obstacles teams face when implementing a code review strategy, and how can you overcome them?
  • Collaboration in action: How three different organizations use SmartBear’s developer collaboration tool, Collaborator, to improve code quality, streamline collaboration across continents, and transform internal perceptions on code review.

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