How to Get the Most Success from your SmartBear Customer Success Manager
Collaborate | Posted November 01, 2017

Once you've made your SmartBear application purchase, it's time to make the most out of your software quality tooling - queue Customer Success! Our team is here to help you leverage the tools you're currently using to meet your business goals.

Here are 4 quick tips on how your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can help you and your team.

1 – Customer Success Intro Call

As an added benefit of being a SmartBear customer, you will receive a dedicated CSM. Our CSM team loves to do introduction calls to understand your unique account, get to know the team and the business goals associated with using our tools. Having this complete picture enables us to align your goals (both end user and business) with our applications.

2 – Onboarding

During your onboarding session, we will introduce you to our rich online resources and provide customized technical best practices to get you up and running as fast as possible. Continued education is available through SmartBear Academy.

3 – Recurring Check-Ins

Think of your CSM as an extension of your own team! Scheduling recurring check-ins will allow you to review your initial goals, confirm your team is successfully reaching them, and if your goals have evolved where we may be able to provide additional support.  Additionally, this time will allow your CSM to keep you apprised to product updates, new resources and be your advocate for feature requests.

4 – Make Your Voice Heard

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We can't fix it if we don't know it's broken! And if it's working - let us know!

Net Promoter Score is a 1 question survey we send out to our customers to understand how they score us on a scale of 1 to 10. This survey is displayed throughout our offices, shared in different formats with every team in SmartBear, and a high priority for our Executive team. Whether you have positive or negative feedback on our products or services, sharing this through your NPS survey will allow us to elevate the voice of our customers' and to continue to provide the best possible customer experience. Once you complete the NPS, your CSM will reach out with an action plan specific to your response.

Customer Success is when our customers achieve their desired business outcome through their interactions with our applications and teams. Let your CSM know how we can continue to help you reach success!

Get started today and schedule some time with your CSM below!

TestComplete, QAComplete, and LoadComplete

Greer Cully – Click here to schedule time on her calendar

Casey Macfarlane – Click here to schedule time on his calendar

Thomas Petrocci – Click here to schedule time on his calendar

Collaborator and AQtime

Mary Katherine Sullivan – Click here to schedule time on her calendar

AlertSite and ReadyAPI

Lauren Parker – Click here to schedule time on her calendar

Sean Hamer – Click here to schedule time on his calendar

EMEA based ReadyAPI and TestComplete Customers

Katleen Bell-Bonjean –– Click here to schedule time on her calendar

SwaggerHub and ReadyAPI

Kirsten Harris– Click here to schedule time on her calendar

Enterprise Customers for all SmartBear Products

Shari McGrath – Click here to schedule time on her calendar


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