Global Survey Finds That The Best Way to Improve Software Quality is Code Review
Collaborate | Posted May 18, 2017

For the 3rd year in a row, code review has been voted as the number one way for improving code quality for organizations, both large and small. Not only is code review still a top priority for software teams to improve the quality of software, we also saw a shift with unit testing becoming a top priority as well.

In addition to insights and trends regarding code review, this report shows how teams of all sizes approach code quality; from the tools that they use during the software development process, to how they collaborate across time zones, and how satisfied they are with the quality of software they release.

In late 2016, we conducted an industry survey and collected responses from over 550 developers, testers, IT professionals and business leaders across more than 30 industries including financial services, game development, aerospace/defense, and healthcare. Participants in the survey worked on software teams which ranged from five to fifty team members across multiple time zones.

Some of this year’s key findings:

  • Code review is still the #1 way to improve code quality. But 51% of respondents viewed unit testing as the second-best way to improve code quality.
  • Workload, manpower, and time constraints are the biggest obstacles to adopting code review tools.
  • Roughly 42% of organizations are not using a tool to perform code review.
  • More than half of development teams are located across multiple locations.
  • Only 64% of respondents are satisfied with the quality of software they deliver.
  • Only 50% of respondents agree that their company is regularly able to get releases out on time.

Download the full report here.

State Of Code Review


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