Announcing the Developer Collaboration Online Summit
Collaborate | Posted May 06, 2016


Collaboration is a major part of the software delivery process.

No matter what programming methodology your team has adopted (waterfall, scrum, test driven, extreme, or Agile), being able to collaborate — within your team or across locations is critical.

But in addition to collaborating within your development team, one of the things we often hear from developers using our Collaborator product is that they also rely on the input of developers from outside their organizations when choosing to implement a new tool.

Code review is a great example of this.

Finding for the right solution for code review is a difficult task to take on. Sometimes you'll think you know exactly where to look for information. Other times the information may not be exactly what you or your boss need.

That’s why we are excited to announce our first Developer Collaboration Online Summit.

What is the Developer Collaboration Online Summit?

We're bringing together a group of developers who have been in your shoes regarding how to successfully implement a code review tool, how to take a nightmare situation as a learning lesson, or how to prepare code reviews if you are in a regulated industry.

During this two-hour session, you’ll get the chance to hear from a panel of developers, who will share their best practices and stories on how you can improve your code review practices.

Who are the speakers?

We’re excited to be joined by three of experienced developers who have successfully implemented a code review process for their organization.

  • Mirga Jazbutis, Principal Product Developer, BMC Software
  • Shane McIntosh, Assistant Professor, Release Engineering & Software Quality, McGill University
  • Valentin Lupea, Senior SW Developer, Continental Automotive Romania SRL

In preparation for the summit, we reached out to each of the speakers to get an inside look on what they’ll be discussing in each of their sessions.

Session: Turning a Coding Nightmare into a Teaching Tool

Speaker: Mirga Jazbutis

“On teams where experience levels can vary widely, it is not always possible for senior level developers to perform every code review. The task can fall on lower level developers who lack sufficient experience to perform an effective code review. Bad code can slip through, only to be discovered much later, perhaps after release. But even this bad code can be used to your advantage. Use it to teach the less expert members of your team both how to code better and how to review more effectively.”

Session: Mining Code Review Repositories to Study the Impact of Modern Code Review Practices

Speaker: Shane McIntosh

“In our research, we mine this code review data, connecting it with data from other software repositories (e.g., version control, bug trackers) to produce rich datasets. We then analyze these datasets to study the impact that code reviewing has on: (a) software release quality (approximated using occurrences of post-release bugs) and (b) software design quality (approximated using occurrences of design anti-patterns). In this presentation, I will describe our approach to mining code review data and the results of some of our recent empirical studies of the code reviewing processes of large open source systems (e.g., Qt and OpenStack) and a commercial system at a well known mobile telecommunications company.”

Session: How to Approach A Code Review in Automotive – Process, Mindset, and Best Practices

Speakers: Valentin Lupea

“It’s no mystery that as any other domain that involves human work, writing code for Automotive Industry is also error prone.  Errors found late increase the costs significantly, not to mention the embarrassing position in which we found ourselves in relation to the customer. During many years of software development we came to realize that a clearly defined code review process and methodology are mandatory in order to achieve the level of quality required by our customers. Aside all these process rules, we also try to cultivate in our colleagues, on day-by-day basis, a code review culture and mindset.”

Reserve your spot for the summit on May 11.


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