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Collaborate | Posted March 07, 2017

We are happy to announce the latest release of Collaborator! Our development team has been busy building some great integrations with three of the largest repository management solutions. With this release we enhanced our integrations with GitHub and Bitbucket and added support for GitLab. Additionally, we have made it quick and easy to associate repositories to Collaborator with our ‘Easy Add Repository’ option. With Collaborator, organizations that take quality seriously can ensure that process oriented peer reviews are still happening even if their development teams are moving towards Git based repository management tools and pull request workflows.



In addition to integrations, we continue to invest in our document review capabilities. Many teams are expanding their Collaborator usage by reviewing requirements, user stories, test plans and other documents. Based on feedback from our users, we’ve made it easier to navigate through a document or an image. With the addition of pan, zoom and view locks, it’s easier than ever to navigate and review all of the files that are part of the development lifecycle.

Watch the What’s New video to learn more about the latest release of Collaborator including our new Syntax Highlighting Schemes, which allows users to create and expand Collaborator’s default keyword definitions and our Hide Files feature, which gives flexibility for the defining the files in a changelist that need to be reviewed.






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