CodeCollaborator and PeerReview Complete Performance Improvements
Collaborate | Posted February 01, 2013

We recently released version 7.3.7303 of CodeCollaborator and a new version of PeerReview Complete. These updates include some major performance improvements over the latest version of each product. For some browsers, the Web UI should load more than twice as fast as they have in recent history!

You may have noticed that version 7.0 was worse than some previous versions in this respect. This occurred due to the fact that we were focused on improving the UI and a new implementation architecture, and performance suffered as a result. Customers with large reviews and older browsers were most affected by these performance issues.

The good news is that with release 7.3.7303, we've significantly improved our performance.  Let's look at some charts:

This chart shows the relative time it takes to fully load the "Review Summary" page for an Optimal Size review in version 7.3.7302 compared to our latest update with our supported browsers. For large reviews - about 10x "Optimal" size - the performance improvement is even more dramatic.

Large Size Review Load Time for 7.3.7303(Internet Explorer 7 & 8 omitted because they're off the scale!)

These improvements were achieved through better and more efficient implementation. We didn't remove any features; actually, we added some. The load time of the diff viewer is similarly improved.

Users should notice these improvements immediately after you upgrade your server to 7.3.7303. We've identified and have started working on other areas for improvement - including increased speed and even greater scalability for our enterprise customers - so you can look forward to those results in future releases. Internally we've also spent some time enhancing our suite of automated performance tests (which was used to produce the charts above) that we'll run with every release to make sure that performance is what you expect from SmartBear. 

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