Your Code Hit Production, Now What? Get the Experts’ Advice in Our Upcoming Meetup
  March 07, 2019

When talk about quality, we often think of it as something we need to achieve before code hits production -- but is this thought process keeping us from inserting measures of quality at the most critical time in our software’s lifecycle?

We’re teaming up with CEO Charity Majors for a can’t-miss Ministry of Testing Meetup where we’ll discuss all things testing and monitoring for the best possible outcomes in production.

Before co-founding, Charity was working on Parse as a production engineering manager at Facebook. Additionally, Charity is the co-author of “Database Reliability Engineering” and is a frequent speaker at conferences such as QCon London, ChaosConf, CAST, and SeverlessDays Boston.

Basically, there’s a lot we can all learn from Charity Majors, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the SmartBear HQ for “Testing in Production: Yes You Can (And You Should).” When testing in production has gotten a bad rap over the years, Charity will dispell the myth that we should avoid it. And once you accept that you should test in production on a regular basis, Charity will give you some advice on how to do a better job at it.

In addition, our very own Saorise Hinksmon will be presenting “Westworld, Delos, & The Perils of Ignoring Quality & Observability.” If you’ve ever watched the hit TV series, “Westworld,” you’ll love this talk -- if not, you’ll still learn all about the importance of quality and observability in your software development lifecycle, including the consequences of ignoring these two factors.

Come by SmartBear in Assembly Row after work at 6:00 PM EST on March 13 to enjoy pizza, drinks, mingling, and expert advice from two industry thought leaders. And if you can’t come in person, you can still tune in on Youtube Live.

Register now to save your seat, and hope to see you there!