Bria on the Road: It’s Showtime—Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  June 01, 2018

The next part of my #BriaOnTheRoad journey included venturing to somewhere I never thought I’d go.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Now, it’s been a few weeks since traveling to Romania Testing Conference, but I can’t stop thinking about it. So many things about this conference were just so right. Including their goal of setting the largest group order for donuts. I mean a conference that has this has everything!

Additionally, their lineup of speakers was outstanding. Now let’s talk about this—they had Angie Jones, Bas Dijkstra, Richard Bradshaw, Maria Kedemo, Viktor Slavchev, Emily Bache, and so many more incredible leaders in the testing space. When I learned the lineup for this conference, how far these speakers were willing to travel from all over the world, and read the titles and abstracts… I was so in.

And the coolest part of it all, I got to join them and speak at the conference!

Some of my favorite takeaways from talks I got to attend include:

  • You need to learn, how it learns. (from Angie)
  • There are four kinds of knowledge: 1. Facts and rules, 2. Heuristics and coaching skills, 3. Manual and perceptual skills, 4. Cultural skills (from Viktor)
  • Diversity is important in testing and everyone brings something special to the table (from Maria)

After attending all of these talks, the bar was set high and the nerves started to kick in, but I was so excited to share my talk with everyone. As the seats started to fill, I got ready to take the stage. Now 45 minutes goes by really quickly when you’re under the lights in front of hundreds of folks, but it was also so fun.

One of my favorite parts of presenting at conferences is continuing the conversation from previous talks earlier that day. When you can carry a common thread between the various presentations that conference goers are attending, I think it leaves a lasting impact. So, when I have the chance to talk, I love getting to highlight some of my takeaways from discussions earlier that day:

  • Discussions around the automation pyramid from the previous night on Twitter between Richard Bradshaw and the follow up article by Angie Jones
  • How to get manager buy in and the importance of a test framework when starting to automate as discussed by Viktor Slavchev
  • The fact that everyone plays a different, but very important role in the QA process as discussed by Maria Kedemo

Another fun part of speaking at conferences is the conversations that you have on the side—both with speakers and attendees. I love having conversations about how people can apply what I spoke about in their specific situations. Or helping out folks who are just getting into automation. And I love when some of my customers are there and we can talk about how to do things better!

All-in-all, Cluj-Napoca has my heart and so does Romania Testing Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the people, the attendees, the speakers, and the event. I am definitely looking forward to future Romania Testing Conferences!