Ask Me Anything: All About the API Economy
  May 23, 2018

Nowadays, regardless of what industry you work in, it is nearly impossible to build your business without some kind of digital platform. And it’s no secret that APIs are the key to building a successful platform for your organization.

A Quick Refresher

“API” stands for Application Program Interface. Basically, they allow one application to talk to another application. For example, Uber wouldn’t be able to tell your driver where to go if it couldn’t use the Google Maps API.

The API Economy, then, is the era of APIs, where business models and channels of secure data exchange exist to fuel economic growth. Digital platforms are driving strategy and profitability for companies in all kinds of industries, and APIs are the key to this innovation.

Join Us to Get All Your API Economy Questions Answered

Of course, we know that building a great API is easier said than done. Between development, documentation, testing, monitoring and business strategy—there’s a lot to consider!

But there’s no need to stress. We’re taking to YouTube to help you figure out the ins and outs of all things API economy! Our hosts Keshav Vasudevan, Product Marketing Manager, and Temil Sanchez, Sales Engineer, will answer all of your questions about API development, testing, monitoring and more LIVE on Tuesday, June 5th at 10 AM EDT.

Be sure to submit your questions in advance by commenting on this blog post and add this event to your calendar.