As Ecommerce Expectations Increase, Will Consumer Trust Do the Same?

  September 17, 2020

“Consumer loyalty is not just a program” 

Last week, I had the chance to meet with Triquestra, a SmartBear customer providing innovative technology solutions to retailers around the globe. Their head of delivery said the above line to me as we discussed the rising challenges for retailers to meet modern user expectations. Full transparency—I told him I was definitely stealing that line for this blog. I also told him that I would plug his upcoming presentation where he’ll detail how a design-first API strategy helped Triquestra evolve from a point-of-sale company to a unified commerce platform provider. 

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Why is consumer loyalty not just a program? Because in the past, consumers would be rewarded for their loyalty, often within fairly rigid confines of a timeboxed program. A certain number of products had to be purchased, a set of actions had to be taken, a dollar amount or points total had to be hit—all before a strict deadline—in order to be “rewarded” with some established prize, or tiered prize system. In other words, your loyalty earned a reward from the business. 
Today, we’re seeing that concept completely flipped on its head, as consumers are realizing that they’re the ones with the rewards, and the onus is on businesses to earn them through their loyalty to the consumer. If a consumer fails to reach a business’ expectation of their participation in a consumer loyalty program, the consumer won’t earn an extra reward, but they’re still receiving the products or services they’re paying for. Their loss is fairly inconsequential, as it’s a loss of something they never had. 
But when you, as a business, fail to meet the expectations of today’s consumers, and not during a timeboxed program, but at any point during their entire customer lifecycle? You risk losing a much more serious “reward”—the likelihood that they’ll ever pay you again for anything. You simply have too many other competitors to choose from, competitors who’ve made it incredibly easy for your customers to jump ship, and to publicly share their dissatisfaction with you on social media on their way out the door. 

During two upcoming live webinars on Tuesday, September 22nd, I’ll dive deeper into this topic, specifically around how the demand for “digital excellence” has never been higher, and what can happen when you fail to deliver it. And, one of my colleagues will demonstrate how two SmartBear solutions, CrossBrowserTesting and BitBar, can help you deliver digital excellence on any browser, desktop, or mobile device. Afterward, we’d love to take some of your questions around this increasing challenge for every organization. 

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