The State of API 2016: Growth, Opportunities, Challenges, & Processes for the API Industry [REPORT]

  February 24, 2016

In January 2016, SmarBear Software conducted a global online survey, with a goal to establish benchmarks among API developers and consumers regarding the state of APIs in 2016.

The response to the survey was astounding — with over 2,300 responses from people working in a variety of different roles on teams in more than 50 different industries — including technology, healthcare, banking/finance, media, retail, education, and transportation.

The survey was truly global, including responses from software developers, testers, IT/operations professionals, and business leaders in 104 different countries around the globe.

What’s in the report?

The State of API 2016 Report provides insight into a wide range of topics including:

Current Trends and Future Possibilities

We look at how the industry is growing, the factors that are driving that growth, and the challenges that will define the API industry in the years ahead.

API Development & Delivery

The shift to agile, continuous integration and delivery, and DevOps models and the rise of IoT, Microservices, and SOA are among the many modern trends causing significant changes across the software world. The API industry is no different. We look at how teams are developing and delivering APIs in 2016.

API Quality & Performance

Building quality software and maintaining standards of performance are staples in the software world. But what does quality mean to the API industry and what happens when performance goals aren’t met? We examine how organizations that deliver and consume APIs view quality and performance and the challenges that are preventing teams from achieving their goals.

Demographic & Firmographic Data

SmartBear Software’s State of API 2016 Report includes responses from over 2,300 individuals working in the software industry. Get further insight into the participants of the survey — the industries they represent, the countries they work in, and their roles within their teams.

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On March 23, we are hosting an expert panel discussion on the survey results and what they mean for the API industry.

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