API Conference Berlin 2019

Bringing together Europe’s leading API designers and architects
  October 29, 2019

API Conference Berlin 2019

The SmartBear team had the pleasure of attending the API Conference in Berlin on the 15th and 16th of October. One of the main focus points of this year’s conference was a topic very close to our hearts here at SmartBear - OpenAPI Specification, which is also known as Swagger! Needless to say, with one of our open source tools being at the centre of this year’s event, we were eagerly looking forward to the conference.

What’s the API Conference all About?

The API Conference brings together Europe’s leading API designers and architects to share methodologies and techniques for API design, development and management. Over the course of the event attendees had the chance to attend workshops and sessions with leading experts. This year’s conference was focused around API design & management throughout the development lifecycle. Topics covered included Swagger, Microservices, GraphQL, API Management and Security during the lifecycle of an API project.

Two Amazing Days 

Over the course of the two days at the SmartBear booth, attendees had the opportunity to experience a number of live demos showcasing several of the SmartBear tools, such as SwaggerHub, ReadyAPI and TestComplete. They also had the opportunity to spend some time with our solutions engineers. That’s not all, we also had plenty of SmartBear swag up for grabs, and we also had the small matter of raffling off a bottle of premium Irish whiskey! Needless to say, the combination of live demos, free swag and Irish Whiskey ensured a steady flow of eager visitors to our booth.

The Future of API Design & Development 

Joe Joyce, one of our most experienced solutions engineers was invited to speak at the conference. His seminar covered the topic of “Effective API Lifecycle Management”. During his seminar, Joe spoke about how the community is seeking to improve API quality without sacrificing development speed. Joe outlined this new reality for developers, and how teams can implement frameworks, techniques and tools to achieve and exceed these expectations.

Looking Forward to the API Conference 2020

Events like the API conference represent a fantastic opportunity for SmartBear to meet, talk and share our experiences with our users and the wider API community. We have always found events like this to be a great opportunity, not only to share our ideas and showcase our tools, but to learn from the community as well. If APIs are your thing, then you need to put the API conference into your diary for 2020!