Agile Development Workflow Example with Load Testing

  September 27, 2019

Simple load tests are relatively straightforward to build, even with simple scripting, but they can quickly become complex. With modern applications becoming front-end heavy, these challenges can make load testing nearly impossible for internal development teams that are already under pressure, which in turn makes it impossible to be part of an Agile workflow.

Use this Agile development workflow example to see how load testing could fit into your workflow in a regular and systematic way.

  • Pull a new user story into the development cycle.
  • Checkout a new branch in git.
  • Write a test to verify that the functionality works.
  • Write the minimum amount of code to pass the test.
  • Refactor the code to meet the team design standards.
    Merge the branch into master and trigger functional CI tests.
  • Merge a series of user stories into production triggering functional and performance CI tests.
  • Launch the new version of the application if everything passes.

Load testing is the only way to ensure that performance bottlenecks don't cause issues in production. Unfortunately, conventional load tests are very difficult to create and maintain over time — especially for modern applications. The good news is that new tools, like LoadNinja, can help simplify testing and make it possible to add to Agile workflows.

Read more about how LoadNinja can fit seamlessly into your Agile workflows.