Accelerate Load Testing Cycles With LoadComplete 3.0
  October 29, 2014

The SmartBear team is thrilled to announce new and rebranded version of LoadUIWeb – LoadComplete 3.0. The focus of this release is to help organizations drastically reduce the time required to test and optimize application performance.

Software teams are under increasing pressure to deliver quality applications in shorter release cycles.  More often than not, load testing is often left to the last minute by many organizations since new revenue enhancing features takes precedence over basic performance testing. Teams are therefore frequently left with a short amount of time before the deployment of an application, to identify, uncover, and resolve serious performance issues.

While these challenges affect all applications, they only get worsen with mobile application development because of shorter release cycles.  A recent Forrester Research report captures this trend by stating, “Performance is not a priority for today's mobile development teams....Development teams typically want to focus on mobile app performance, but all too often business sponsors prioritize new features over sustained performance engineering.”

As a result of these trends, the need for a tool that generates actionable insights in these shortened performance testing cycles becomes even more critical. LoadComplete 3.0 has thus been focused on providing features that accelerate load testing cycles and thereby significantly decrease performance testing time. With new comparison reporting feature available in LoadComplete 3.0, testers have the ability to analyze server and browser side metrics across various load tests in a single report. As a result, there is no need to do any manual analysis. LoadComplete 3.0 further reduces the time required for analyzing and debugging test scripts. Through a single click, testers can identify request dependencies among different pages of an application, which further minimizes the need for time consuming manual analysis that would otherwise be required to develop and debug load scripts.

But wait, there is more! LoadComplete 3.0 now supports 2,000 virtual users per agent, an increase from a previous  limit of 250 virtual user limit for each agent. This means testers now need fewer agents to run a load test.   The hardware investment required to run a load test is drastically reduced, thereby significantly decreasing the costs associated with running a load test. Additionally, with LoadComplete 3.0, SmartBear has introduced support for 250 & 10,000 VUs.

Try these awesome features yourself by clicking here.