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By Daniel Giordano
Getting Started With Jenkins and API Testing
If you were to ask a room full of crowded people, “who is the most popular butler...
Test and Monitor
By Alex McPeak
Introducing SmartBear’s First Podcast Series
We’ve all been there -- you download a new mobile app or you go to a new website....
Test and Monitor
By Ciara McDonnell
From Classroom to Development Team: Our First Week as Interns at SmartBear in Galway!
Considering our successful experiences hosting internship programs in Galway...
By Christina Lowe
SmartBear and TestArmy Join Forces to Improve Software Quality in Europe
TestArmy – Testing Special Forces“TestArmy’s mission is to help make...
Test and Monitor
By Kristina Hagman
What It's Like to be a Co-Op at SmartBear
During my co-op at SmartBear, I spent a lot of time behind the camera. For my last...
By Amy Huie
Drumroll Please... Agenda for SmartBear Connect Released
The agenda for SmartBear Connect 2018, our annual user conference, has been released...
Test and Monitor
By Amy Huie
First Speakers Announced for SmartBear Connect
Hot off the press: the first six speakers have been confirmed for SmartBear Connect...
Test and Monitor
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By Caroline Ambros
SmartBear Scores Highest 4 in All 5 Use Cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation
It’s no secret that adoption of DevOps has increased, which means your team has a...
Test and Monitor
By Kathryn Packard
6 Things I Learned Interning for SmartBear
For the last six months, I’ve been working at SmartBear as a Social Media...
By SmartBear Software
Join Us for Our Meetup: Stop Compromising Quality Featuring Angie Jones
SmartBear and Angie Jones are joining forces to teach you everything you need to know...
Test and Monitor
By Ryan Pinkham
Takeaways from GlueCon 2018: Planning for Chaos, Tracking Ownership, and Getting Started with OAS 3.0
Last month, the SmartBear team had the opportunity to sponsor and attend...
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Add a little SmartBear to your life

Stay on top of your Software game with the latest developer tips, best practices and news, delivered straight to your inbox