​SmartBear at Atlassian Team ‘22

  April 14, 2022

Major technology events are back, and so are we.

The Atlassian Team ‘22 event in Las Vegas happened last week and we were thrilled to attend in person. And usually, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But today, we’re talking all about what took place, who was there, and how we participated.

So, what were the most memorable moments at Atlassian Team ‘22? Read on to find out.

Time for Roll Call

SmartBear’s Zephyr...present!

This conference was a fantastic opportunity to engage with Atlassian leadership, partners, and customers from all around the world. And like SmartBear, many Atlassian marketplace vendors and partners showed up to the event with a bang. However, this created a clear distinction between those who came out to the event again, and those who didn’t.

There were three days of this event, which occurred from April 5th to April 7th. This year was particularly unique, because unlike previous years, four of the largest Atlassian Marketplace App vendors held a special App Day event. But we won’t get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Unveiling Atlassian Compass & In-Jira Tool Discovery

During the DevOps and Agile Keynote speech, Tiffany To announced an exciting new solution called Atlassian Compass.

Compass is a Component Catalog, DevOps Health Tool, and Extensibility Engine. It acts as mission control for developers, enabling them to better manage microservices, APIs, and anything else they could need in the modern era of composable software.

This was a particularly special moment for SmartBear, as our tool Swagger UI is integrated with compass, allowing users to enable this API aspect from launch.

During this presentation, Justine Davis also discussed the new toolchain page for their solution Open DevOps, which will be integrated directly into Jira. Going forward, Atlassian Jira customers will be able to go to their toolchain page, see what testing tools they already have and be recommended tools they don’t have. In Atlassian’s demo, Zephyr Scale was prominently featured as a potential test management solution that customers could incorporate into their lifecycle.

App Day

App Day ‘22 was an incredible experience filled with content and interactions with apps, led by the largest and most successful app vendors.

During this pre-event day, there were presentations given by Adaptavist, Appfire, Tempo, and us! We gave a one-hour session on Progressive Delivery that included a 25-minute presentation and a 30-minute sit-down chat with some experts. These included SmartBear’s Vice President of Growth Innovation and Marketplace John Whittaker, as well as subject matter experts from SmartBear’s Bugsnag and Zephyr groups, Ivan Diaz and Ryan Kane.

These talks all had great responses, receiving engagement from attendees such as Accenture and McDonalds. These companies and many others connected with us both during and after the chat, which was an exciting and compelling exchange of ideas.

In addition to this App Day presentation, John Whittaker also gave a theatre session in the event surrounding Progressive Delivery, discussing how this modern development software lifecycle builds upon the core tenets of CI/CD. Attendees learned how to release features progressively, test permutations of feature flagging, and catch issues in production. He also talked about how to incorporate SmartBear’s Zephyr, Cucumber, Bugsnag, and our partner tool Split into a progressive delivery lifecycle.

Chatting with Atlassian

At SmartBear, we’re always seeking new ways to work closer with Atlassian.

For this reason, we met with several executives from Atlassian including the wonderful Cameron Daetsch, Bala Venkatrao, and Bryant Lee. After hearing about Atlassian’s long-term strategy and vision, it reinforced the confidence we have in Zephyr’s direction. Not only this, but it allowed us to further develop our strategy for bringing more value to Atlassian’s customers this year and beyond.

Until Next Year

We were honored to be a part of Atlassian Team ‘22 and can’t wait to return next year alongside other top vendors.

From connecting with industry leaders to being integrated into Atlassian’s new solutions, it was a fantastic learning and collaborating experience for SmartBear. We’re always happy to be a customer, partner, and marketplace solution provider with Atlassian.

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