SmartBear Heads to O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference

  Februar 20, 2018

Great software is a product of good design and careful engineering. Software architecture is intangible, its beauty unravels only when the software continues to perform for users day after day after day – even under unforeseen situations.

Great software architecture is also hard to build. It’s hard to conceive and visualize. It’s only when you have flipped the production switch ON, that your design and architecture shines through excellent functionality, security and performance.

However, in this increasingly uncertain world, more time and effort is being spent early in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to ensure that software architecture and design works flawlessly. More and more dollars are being spent in perfecting the design. Initial prototypes are being built and evaluated in realistic situations (environments), and the number of architecture concepts being evaluated and prototyped before a commitment is made to a specific design continues to grow. Software architects are spending a lot more time and resources on selecting the right components and tools that work for them and teams throughout the SDLC.

If you are involved in the software design and development process, its bodes well to select tools and frameworks that help deliver software consistently across the SDLC. A good example of this is the Open API Specification (OAS). OAS is an industry standard for restful APIs. API projects designed on OAS are supported by a rich toolset across the development, testing and monitoring phases of the SDLC. A design created in the OAS can be used across the SDLC as a single source of truth. This enables different teams to refer to this design every time they are creating their respective artifacts, including code, tests and monitoring scripts.

SmartBear provides tools that lets practitioners working on API design, development and testing to work with APIs and API definitions. These tools include SwaggerHub which is an integrated API design and documentation platform, SoapUI Pro for testing the functionality of REST and SOAP APIs, and ServiceV Pro  for advanced API mocking and virtualization. These tools are intuitive and user friendly that let anyone to work with APIs, without going through extensive training.

APIs are not the only component where consistency should be enforced. If you work on documents and code then you need the right tooling that works for stakeholders across the SDLC.  SmartBear provides a tool called Collaborator for collaboration on documents, code and test cases. With Collaborator you can create peer review frameworks and set rules around participation of groups and users. You can also set reminders and pull weekly reports. With Collaborator you will have a single tool that brings your teams together.

If you are headed to the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference, February 26–28, 2018 in New York, you’ll be able to see demos of each of these tools at the SmartBear booth (#304). Talk to our product experts and gain some ideas around building better APIs with SwaggerHub and writing robust code with Collaborator. Learn about how thousands of SmartBear customers leverage tooling to enhance code quality and enforce consistency and predictability throughout the SDLC.