Web Testing With Opera: One Possible Approach
  Juni 07, 2010

With TestComplete, you can perform web page testing. You can record clicks, keystrokes and other user actions over the desired page element. You can also obtain element’s methods and properties from your web page tests.

TestComplete allows you to test a wide variety of web pages in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator and in the Microsoft WebBrowser control. You can now also create web tests for web pages displayed in Opera. To access the elements of these pages, use the MSAA technology. We have tested this using Opera 10.53 and TestComplete 7.50 and later.

In order for TestComplete to be able to use the MSAA plug-in when testing web pages in Opera, you should add the OpWindow class to the list of accepted MSAA windows. To do this:

  • Right-click your project node in the Project Explorer panel and select Edit | Properties from the ensuing context menu. This will open the project’s properties page.
  • Select Open Applications | MSAA from the tree on the left. This will open the MSAA project properties.
  • Click Add to append a new entry to the list. Enter OpWindow as a class name and select its check box.
  • Choose File | Save from TestComplete’s main menu to save the changes.

Now TestComplete can access the elements of a page displayed in Opera.

To make sure it has access to them, open the desired page in Opera and switch to the Object Browser panel to see the page structure.

The Object Browser Panel With Web Page Elements Shown in Opera

As you can see, TestComplete recognizes elements of web pages and you can now start your web page testing.

Now you can create your web page tests manually or record them via TestComplete. The described approach allows you to create simple web tests over the page elements. For example, you can simulate user actions (mostly clicks and keystrokes) over them and obtain element’s text.

If you are interested in trying web testing with TestComplete, download the trial and try it for free.