TestComplete 4 Enhanced Usability - New Project Wizard

  September 20, 2005

TestComplete 4's enhanced usability features include a new wizard to help you create new projects. Simply put, the "Create New Project Wizard" allows users to create new projects without having to go back and add Project Items later.

The "Create New Project Wizard" allows you to choose from six different testing templates (General-Purpose Test Project, Object-Driven Testing, Unit Testing, Distributed Testing, HTTP Load Testing, [All Items]), specify project and project suite names, and choose the location of the project. Upon clicking the OK button, the wizard takes you to the "Select Project Items" page. Here, all Project Items included in the template you chose are selected. As shown in the figure below, the ActiveX Objects, Events, Low-Level Procedures Collection, Script, Stores and Win32 Tested Applications were pre-selected when I chose the General-Purpose Test Project Template from the wizard. Users have the option to choose more Project Items to be included in this project by simply checking the item to be included.

Project Wizard

Upon clicking Next, the wizard takes you through each selected Project Item's page. An information bar displays on the right of the Create New Project Wizard and provides useful information about the Project Item. As you can see, The Create New Project Wizard makes creating a new project easy for all users. AutomatedQA has taken great pride in making TestComplete 4 easier to use, not just for beginners, but all users alike. Stay tuned for more coverage on the enhancements to TestComplete 4.