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Getting Started: Live Training Zephyr Scale on Jira Cloud

This 60 minutes session will deliver a full overview of Zephyr Scale, whether you're simply interested to learn how to manage your testing inside of Jira or if your team has begun the rollout of Zephyr Scale.

This Live Webinar Includes:

  • Overview of test planning and execution in Jira
  • Managing tests at scale with test libraries and reusable test cases
  • Using advanced reporting and traceability functionality
  • Introduction to integrating with test automation
  • Live Q&A with Zephyr engineers

Can't join us for a live session?

Request a demo or watch our Zephyr Scale Cloud Youtube Overview

Note: This webinar is focused on our Jira Cloud offering but everyone is invited to learn more about Zephyr Scale

Duration: 60 minutes