SmartBear's Guide to Virtualization & Quality

SmartBear believes virtualization software is especially useful to software quality teams, so we've created this online guide to help you understand virtualization and how to use it with our products.

If you’re not familiar with virtualization and products like VMware®, VirtualBox®, Xen® and Microsoft® Virtual PC/Server, you may want to read "What Is Virtualization?" first.

The Other 80%

Organizations typically use one server for one application. It's estimated that most computers never use more than 20% of their capacity. What happens to the other 80%? You can use virtualization to upgrade a single application server into a multiple virtual machine powerhouse and take advantage of that unused capacity.

At SmartBear, we believe virtualization gives developers and testers the chance to use the other 80% of unused computing power to make better software. We support that enthusiastically.

How SmartBear Works With Virtualization

How do SmartBear products work with virtualization software like VMware? The short answer is, "Very well, thank you!"

More specifically, SmartBear products are designed to be compatible with virtualization software and work well with software, websites and Web services running on virtual machines. See how SmartBear products work with virtualization software from VMware, Oracle, Citrix, Microsoft and others.

SmartBear also offers affordable, virtualization-friendly software licenses for our products. With the appropriate license you can increase capacity without increasing costs, because you can install the SmartBear products on as many VMs as your needs dictate and let the SmartBear license server manage access.

Let's review the benefits of virtualization—First, a brief look at virtualization for the business as a whole, then a high level look at how it helps software quality teams using SmartBear software.

Business benefits of virtualization

Virtualization has become popular because it delivers clear business benefits to organizations that embrace it. The number one business benefit of virtualization is cost savings achieved through server consolidation which reduces the number of servers, the power they use, the power used to cool them, and the space consumed by them.

Cost savings is reason enough for most organizations to consider virtualization but there are other beneficial effects including:

  • Better security
  • Improved asset management
  • Faster deployment
  • Reduced downtime
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery

Businesses are saving millions and getting more out of their hardware thanks to virtualization.

Virtualization Benefits for Teams using SmartBear Software

Software quality teams enjoy the same benefits from virtualization as the business as a whole, but they also have more day to day uses for virtualization. Cost savings is always important, but other features and benefits have a more direct impact on their ability to deliver quality software. This chart lists some of the key benefits of virtualization for software quality teams conducting testing.

SmartBear Testing Products—Virtualization Benefits
  Provisioning Distribution Testing Baseline Snapshot Reporting Scale / Flexibility Training Hosted
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Check out our Testing and Virtualization FAQ for answers to your questions.