Software Development

Cloud Quality & Software Development

We know how challenging it is to develop high-quality software quickly and cost-effectively. That’s our business. Fortunately for you, we know how to make software development for the cloud faster and easier.

ALMComplete is SmartBear’s total solution for application lifecycle management and release management. It gives your team everything you need to manage all components of the cloud software development lifecycle. It also streamlines delivery processes and improves quality by enabling you to assess release readiness with complete visibility into all related risks, costs and schedules.

Our flexible SaaS licensing lets you focus on your core business activities while keeping costs down and eliminates concerns about server configuration, hardware support, and other data center annoyances. Those who prefer to host the software can select our on-premise option. Both are backed by our outstanding and friendly support staff.

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Collaborator, the industry’s first commercial peer code review tool, is changing the way developers write code. No matter if you are writing code for a cloud, mobile or desktop app, the developers we know care about quality. They use Collaborator with their teams to review code, images, design documents, Microsoft® Office documents and schematics 80% faster than with formal reviews—without meetings, code printouts, or manually-generated “diffs.” It automates tedious work, freeing developers to conduct frictionless code reviews.

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Automated Build Studio provides a powerful automated build and software release management system to easily automate your entire build, deployment, quality assurance and release processes for .NET, Java or Windows developers. Automated Build Studio can control virtual machines so you can launch, start, stop and terminate cloud computers, manage machine images, attach data storages and so forth.

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