Monitor Mobile Websites with AlertSite

Mobile Website Monitoring

More than 60 percent of adults access the web from their smartphone or tablet device. With the AlertSite Mobile Monitoring Solution, you know your mobile websites are performing as expected.

  • Is the mobile site available and loading quickly?
  • How does my mobile site perform across all devices?
  • How is my mobile site performing before we launch?

Emulate mobile devices, record transactions and play them back over internet connections or actual mobile carrier networks as if you were navigating on that device. You can be sure your mobile website is displayed and functioning properly across all platforms.

With AlertSite Mobile monitoring you can:

  • Verify how your mobile site looks and performs before you deploy.
  • Monitor across all major phones including iOS, Android OS and BlackBerry OS.
  • Measure detailed response time of all objects on ‘over the air’ mobile networks.
  • Automatically switch to view the mobile version of the website if one is available, resizing the viewing window to simulate the selected mobile device.
  • Ensure your mobile site is available from a variety of locations around the world.

Get started with Mobile Performance Monitoring and try AlertSite Mobile for free.