Collaborator Pricing and Specifications


Collaborator is priced by named or concurrent user.

  Collaborator Price
Named User


Concurrent User


For more information on the differences between these two types of licenses, contact a sales representative or click the link: Explain license differences

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Collaborator Minimum System Requirements

Servers: Windows, Linux, Solaris, and BSD

Browsers:  IE 8+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

For permanent product installations:
We recommend at least dual XEON 3.5GHz processors, 4GB of RAM (more for large document files), 10,000 RPM hard drives (preferably SCSI) and 100GB of hard drive space on a dedicated server. Typically the database is installed on the same machine as the web server. While this configuration is not required, the connection to the database must be high-speed (e.g. at least 100mbps LAN).

If you have additional questions, visit the Installation & Configuration section in support.

Supported Integrations

MKS Integrity
Rational ClearCase (including ClearCase Remote Client)
Rational Synergy
Rational Team Concert
Team Foundation Server

Eclipse Plug-In
Eclipse v3.4 and higher

Visual Studio Add-In
Visual Studio 2005 and higher

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