.NET Profiling

AQtime offers .NET performance profiling, memory profiling, code coverage and more – all in one profiling tool with Microsoft Visual Studio integration. Whether you develop desktop or web-based applications, AQtime helps you focus on the right areas for improvements, so that you can maximize your software performance and quality.

Superior .NET Support

AQtime supports a wide range of .NET applications and technologies:

  • .NET Framework 1.0–4.5, including 64-bit versions
  • C#, Visual Basic .NET, F# and any other .NET languages
  • Standalone .NET applications, ASP.NET, XBAP, Silverlight applications, and Windows services
  • Mixed applications (containing unmanaged code)

.NET Performance Profiling

AQtime helps you get to the root of .NET application performance bottlenecks. You can drill down from hot code paths in the call tree to line-level timings to know exactly what code needs performance optimization.

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.NET Memory Profiling

With AQtime, you can find memory leaks and optimize memory usage in .NET applications. You can monitor memory allocations in real time, capture memory snapshots for thorough analysis and trace links between objects. Detailed memory profiling reports with allocation call stacks and object reference views give you all information you need to fix memory issues.

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.NET Code Coverage

AQtime lets you measure.NET code coverage, so that you know how much of your application code is executed during testing. Detailed coverage reports show you exactly which functions and lines of code have not been hit by tests. With this insight, you can improve your tests and source code – ultimately improving your overall software quality.

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.NET Exception Tracing

AQtime traces exceptions that occur in your .NET application during profiling. AQtime shows the entire call stack of exceptions with function names, source file names and line numbers to help you find where the problems is happening. AQtime can also generate process dumps for caught exceptions for later analysis and debugging in Microsoft Visual Studio.

.NET Code Metric Analysis

AQtime can analyze .NET code structure and point out candidates for refactoring. Code metric analysis can assist your code reviews to help improve your codebase quality.