Profiling in Microsoft Visual Studio - AQtime Pro

Profiling in Microsoft Visual Studio

AQtime can be used as a standalone profiler, as well as integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio for improved developer productivity.
With AQtime, you can

Visual Studio Integration

AQtime extends Microsoft Visual Studio 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012, allowing you to profile your applications without leaving the IDE.

Multi-Technology Support

AQtime can profile a variety of applications created with Visual Studio, including:

  • Native Windows applications (Visual C++)
  • .NET applications (C#, Visual Basic .NET, managed Visual C++ and so on)
  • Mixed applications (containing both .NET and native code)
  • Standalone Windows applications, individual DLLs, Windows services, IIS, ASP.NET, XBAP, Silverlight, COM, COM+ and DCOM applications

64-bit Application Profiling

AQtime can profile 64-bit native, .NET and mixed applications created using Visual Studio. With AQtime, you can ensure your applications maximize the potential of 64-bit computing.

Find Inefficient Lines of Code

AQtime profiles your application by lines, pinpointing the exact code where most time is spent or leaked memory allocated. Detailed profiling data makes it easy to see issues at a glance and identify optimization candidates.

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Compare and Track Optimization Effects

AQtime lets you compare results of two or more profiling sessions to evaluate the performance of different implementations and the effects of code optimizations. All profiling settings and results are stored in your Visual Studio solution for easy access at a later date.