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AQtime Pro Feature Highlights  
Award-Winning Performance Profiling
Eliminate bottlenecks and speed up your applications
Industrial-Strength Memory and Resource Debugging
Discover and stop memory and resource leaks in your applications
Multiple Language Support
Full support for major Windows and .NET compilers (C#, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, GCC and more)
Profiling x86 and x64 Applications
Support for profiling 32- and 64-bit code
Profiling Silverlight Applications
Profiling browser-hosted and out-of-browser Silverlight applications
Profiling Java Code
Built-in support for profiling Java applications and mixed code
Profiling Scripts
Built-in support for profiling VBScript and JScript code
Microsoft Visual Studio Integration
AQtime can be controlled from inside Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
Integration Into Visual Studio Test Projects and Team Builds
You can add AQtime tests to Visual Studio test projects and execute them as part of these projects and team builds
Embarcadero RAD Studio Integration
AQtime can be controlled from inside Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE

With AQtime Pro You Get:

  • Unlimited online support via email
  • Free minor version and bug fix releases
  • Discount on future major version upgrades

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  • What are the differences between Node-Locked and Floating Licenses?

    Node-Locked licenses are activated on only one computer which means that you can only run AQtime Pro on a single computer. With a Floating User license you activate AQtime Pro on one computer and then run AQtime Pro on multiple workstations in your network. The number of copies that can work concurrently is determined by the license key. For a full comparison check out: AQtime Licensing Guide.
  • Can I use AQtime on virtual machines?

    You can run AQtime on virtual machines. However, you cannot activate licenses there.  For Named User licenses this means that this license type does not work on virtual machines.  As for Floating User licenses, you can activate a license on a physical computer and then install and run AQtime instances on virtual machines. These virtual machines must have a network connection to the License Manager PC (that is, to the physical computer, which you activated the license on).  If you own a Named User license and want to use AQtime on virtual machines, please consider an upgrade to a Floating User license.
  • Does AQtime support my application?

    AQtime can profile 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, .NET, Silverlight and Java applications as well as VBScript and JScript code. For information on supported compiler versions, see Supported Development Tools.