API Load Testing with LoadUI Pro

Your application's ability to withstand load without impact to the user experience often has a lot to do with how well the underlying APIs perform under stress. With the global reach of many applications today, you need to make sure that your APIs are answering the "need for speed" 24x7.

With LoadUI Pro, you can use a number of load testing techniques to ensure that your API can perform, no matter how successful your app is. Our comprehensive reporting and data analysis lets you focus on the most problematic areas in real-time and adjust your tests to dig deeper. Find out if LoadUI Pro is right for you by trying it out for 14 days, free of charge!


Code Free Load Tests

Planning and creating your tests in LoadUI Pro is easy with our innovative and intuitive interface. Use drag-and-drop, sliders and other visual elements to design even the most complex scenarios without any scripting.

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Distributed API Load Testing

LoadUI Pro provides agents that can be distributed across different systems, both locally and remotely, to simulate real-world traffic on your system.

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API Load Test Building Blocks

LoadUI Pro contains a variety of controls and components that let you build any type of performance test you need. Use these tests alone or put them together to create a comprehensive suite of tests.

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Comprehensive Load Test Reports

LoadUI Pro provides comprehensive reporting – from interactive charts and lists with real-time data to advanced auto-generated reports - so you can make sense of the data generated by your load tests.

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SoapUI NG Pro Integration

LoadUI Pro integrates seamlessly with SoapUI Pro and SoapUI NG Pro, which provides support for the most common protocols and standards.

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Automated API Load Testing

Make sure your API's performance isn't compromised by connecting your API load tests to your build systems. LoadUI's command line interface lets you run your API load tests as often as you want to without human intervention.

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