What's New in
TestComplete Web?



New things to note in TestComplete Web 11.2

Reuse Functional tests as Load Tests

  • Convert TestComplete Web tests into performance tests.
  • No need to write separate tests for performance and functional testing. 
  • Assign virtual users after conversion to ensure predictable performance at different stress levels.

Source control support for Team Foundation Server

  • New integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) to help maintain test case versioning and track test case changes.

Features Added in the Previous Release

  • ​​Support for Edge and Windows 10.
  • Maintain test versioning using integration with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.
  • Manage and run TestComplete Web tests using Visual Studio 2015.
  • Add, run, and report on functional API tests created using SoapUI NG Pro, functional API testing tool part of the Ready! API Family.
  • Use new plug-in for Jenkins to launch TestComplete Web tests directly from Jenkins builds. Once tests are executed, results get automatically updated to Jenkins.

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