What's New in QAComplete?

QAComplete 9.9.5

With QAComplete 9.9.5, you can add, run, and report on Selenium WebDriver tests. This allows you to bring together your automated testing from TestComplete, Selenium WebDriver tests, and manual testing plans, providing you with a complete view of your testing activities for any given release. Highlights for this release include:

  • Selenium WebDriver Integration
  • Add, Run, and Report on Selenium WebDriver tests
  • Support for JUnit and NUnit Selenium frameworks

Features added in previous releases include:

  • Set up Test Hosts and agent configurations

  • Monitor your test hosts for availability

  • Create test schedules and link them to tests on various hosts

  • Link manual and automated tests to requirements, releases, and defects

  • Create test suites that contain both automated and manual tests

  • Get aggregated test run reports across both manual and automated tests

  • Switch between manual and automated for a given test (example: the latest release breaks your automated script)

  • New custom field type, multiple select drop downs

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