LoadUI NG Pro Features

Use LoadUI NG Pro by itself for easy and efficient load testing against your APIs or use it in combination with Ready! API's other tools for added power. 

  • Multiple performance strategies.
  • Real-time feedback about your test results.
  • Reuse of your existing SoapUI NG Pro functional tests.
  • Simultaneous load test runs for complex scenarios.
  • Overcome rate limits and 3rd party throttling with ServiceV Pro.

Parallel Load Testing

Run several load test scenarios simultaneously to see how various conditions interact with each other and impact your API's performance.

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Server Monitoring

Having visibility into how your servers respond to traffic helps you diagnose what resources are causing latency and bottlenecks.

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Reuse Existing Functional Tests

Use existing SoapUI NG Pro tests under different load test scenarios without reworking the original tests.

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Distributed Load Generators

Use as many remote agents as you need to distribute volumes of traffic to your choice of on-premise or cloud-based sources.

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Isolated Load Testing

Use LoadUI NG Pro with ServiceV Pro and/or VirtServer to run complex load scenarios against your virtualized assets so your load test results are not impacted by third-party APIs

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Vary Your Load Strategies

For comprehensive API load testing, you need to employ multiple performance testing strategies. LoadUI NG Pro provides pre-built load strategies that you can configure to meet your needs.

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