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Monitor Web Applications

Your business runs on it's web applications; ecommerce, customer service, content distribution are all critical. Application performance management starts with measuring. Monitor the performance of these applications to ensure your business performs well.

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Monitor Cloud Based Business Applications

You rely on SaaS based business applications to run your business. CRM systems, ERP systems, Office applications, ecommerce systems and others. Make sure you have the right application performance management solution to ensure performance and availability of these applications that your business runs on.

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Mobile Monitoring

The growth and revenue potential of the mobile Web has made mobile performance monitoring a necessity. AlertSite UXM emulates the most popular devices over a variety of carriers, to monitor the performance of your mobile sites and transactions. Integration with the Perfecto Mobile device cloud provides native mobile application and real device monitoring.

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Monitor APIs

In today’s software industry, APIs are the glue that holds everything together. Application delivery depends on the API's performing well so it is crucial to monitor the API's specifically. You can use the same SoapUI scripts that you test with to monitor your APIs. Application performance management includes APIs.

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Monitor Outside the Firewall

Ensure your web applications are available 24×7. Emulate users to monitor your critical business transactions across 80+ global locations to identify performance bottlenecks and notify you before users and revenue are affected. Monitor live traffic in real time to see the impact of performance problems on actual users. Application performance management requires full featured monitoring.

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Monitor Inside the Firewall

Bring your monitoring reach inside the firewall with InSite, a private monitoring station installed inside the datacenter. Create a 360-degree view of performance by monitoring business-critical internal applications, APIs and location specific data otherwise inaccessible over the public Internet.

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Root Cause Identification

Get to the root cause of any performance problem fast. Alertsite's Transaction Tracing feature shows the server side of your synthetic transactions: revealing the complete path across all tiers, including browser, third party, network, web server, and back-end tiers and providing full visibility down to the code level.

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Dynamic Alerts & Reporting

Receive real time alerts in the event of single or multiple execution failures and stay ahead of the next slowdown or outage by establishing rules based notifications to warn you when site performance slips below minimum levels. Gain ready access to the reports needed to effectively communicate with key business units and stakeholders.

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Focus on End User Experience

From DéjàClick the first browser based transaction recorder to perceived user experience metrics, AlertSite UXM is all about end user experience.

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