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Inspiring, Enabling and Driving Quality Improvement at McAfee

Development organizations often talk about redirecting their focus to achieve higher levels of quality and productivity, but few actually accomplish this goal. Jim Sartain, Senior VP of Worldwide Quality at McAfee has done it.
Watch on-demand and learn how McAfee delivers quality software to its over 125 million users. Gain valuable insight into top strategies McAfee employs to improve software quality—with a focus on fundamental engineering practices like continuous integration, automated testing and code reviews.

Attend this information-packed webinar and learn about:
  • The hidden costs of quality - What to watch out for and how poor quality impacts Net Promoter scores, customer satisfaction and your brand
  • Quality tips and techniques - Successful ways to apply continuous quality, process improvement, and engineering best practices including Scrum, Peer Review and Unit Testing
  • The importance of defect discovery - Why early and efficient defect removal is key to both quality and team productivity
  • McAfee’s 4-step quality improvement strategy any team can put in place
  • Top defect discovery and removal tools for distributed teams 
Don’t miss this highly informative webinar as Jim Sartain, Senior VP of Worldwide Quality at McAfee, shares his strategies, processes and tools for quality success through his journey with Intel, Adobe and now McAfee.
Who Should Attend?
Technology Executives
Development Managers and Directors
Testing & QA professionals