More SmartBear Tools RE: Create Application Pool (IIS6+) Operation on Windows Server 2012 (IIS8) Both the client and the server are running ABS 6.60. Is there any window permission that have to be set other than must be an administrator? If i log into the computer as the user I am running ABS as I am able to create an application pool manually without any problems. 4/17/2014 11:24:17 AM Jordan Letourneau 0f04b158-e24d-48c5-9a1f-3cbf21d2b343 RE: Create Application Pool (IIS6+) Operation on Windows Server 2012 (IIS8) <div> Hi Jordan,</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> This is strange. Our R&amp;D team tried to reproduce the behavior in our test lab on ABS 6.60. They have managed to avoid getting the Access Denied error after starting ABS &#39;As Administrator&#39;.</div> <div> What ABS version are you using?&nbsp;</div> 4/17/2014 12:29:39 AM Tanya Gorbunova cd496b89-4e4d-474a-808e-5ec87a5a80cb RE: Create Application Pool (IIS6+) Operation on Windows Server 2012 (IIS8) Thanks for the reply, I have tried to run it as an administrator and the problem still persists. I am trying to run the operation on a remote computer, it works fine when it is run against a local computer. 4/16/2014 10:58:46 AM Jordan Letourneau 61f81430-ed16-4dbf-b53a-def59faf2afc RE: Create Application Pool (IIS6+) Operation on Windows Server 2012 (IIS8) <div> Hi Jordan,</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Are you running ABS as an administrator? It should help you.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> 4/14/2014 4:45:59 AM Tanya Gorbunova fcf246a1-f518-483f-85de-c271f5e4a333 Create Application Pool (IIS6+) Operation on Windows Server 2012 (IIS8) I cant seem to get this operation to work on Windows Server 2012 running IIS 8. I am just wondering if it is compatible with this version of IIS? When i run this operation I am using a user with administrator rights with UAC off and am getting &quot;Access Denied&quot; error. Any information on this would be helpful.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Thanks 4/11/2014 4:44:17 PM Jordan Letourneau f2854daa-bc22-4a8a-a1f2-611827fa519f RE: ADL - End of Life WEll it is almost a year after the work started to publish the code on SourceForge or other similar site any news other than the status of Mr Sokolov drop from support to guest? Is tehre going to be a release and if yes what can I do help speed things up?<br /> <br /> Fill free to contact me in my account&#39;s email for anything I can do to help. 4/6/2014 3:53:56 AM jo ko 9f2d7b52-9f17-46d0-9421-525ac4e8b7be RE: ADL - End of Life Hi&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Arial; font-size: 13px; line-height: 18px;">Sergei Sokolov<br /> <br /> I am also curious as to the progression on how or where I can gain access to the project.<br /> <br /> Thanks<br /> Dennis</span> 2/13/2014 11:57:19 AM Dennis Marangoni 61d70fa3-df5c-472b-be23-f0596624269d RE: &quot;Fatal error. Unable to start AutomatedMacroPlayer.exe.&quot; Hi Karan,<br /> <br /> You definitely can post here, but according to my knowledge, you should be able to create Support request via the link provided by Jay even if your subscription has expired.;Fatal-error-Unable-to-start-Automat 2/13/2014 6:01:50 AM Alexei Karas 8aab3d64-37cb-4ddf-8cb9-e66bcc381a30 RE: &quot;Fatal error. Unable to start AutomatedMacroPlayer.exe.&quot; Maintenance Subscription has expired. Won&#39;t get anything by posting the macro to Support.<br /> Will it work if I upload the files here instead?;Fatal-error-Unable-to-start-Automat 2/13/2014 2:46:40 AM Karan Bulbule 44199675-b39d-499f-9840-d7d7da0ad861 RE: &quot;Fatal error. Unable to start AutomatedMacroPlayer.exe.&quot; <p> Hi Karan,</p> <p> It appears that we haven&#39;t faced the problematic situation before. Can you [url=]send[/url] us a simple macro demonstrating it?</p>;Fatal-error-Unable-to-start-Automat 2/13/2014 2:42:43 AM Jay b34edcc1-0fea-4271-baf9-0e032f3d973c RE: Custom operations break after upgrade to .NET 4.5.1 <div> Hi Karan,</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Could you please refer the crash reports to [url=]our Support team[/url]? That would be great if you sent your macro file - this will help them analyze what is going wrong.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> 2/11/2014 12:58:09 AM Tanya Gorbunova 7382c7ec-3dd3-4d8a-ad29-c79794c323c5 RE: &quot;Fatal error. Unable to start AutomatedMacroPlayer.exe.&quot; The root cause of this error was found to be an automatic upgrade to .net 4.5.1 which crashed our custom ABS operations. I&#39;ve created a different thread for that specific issue:&nbsp;;Fatal-error-Unable-to-start-Automat 2/10/2014 6:49:17 AM Karan Bulbule 225784fe-6de1-4640-88c9-7edb8d439ac2 Custom operations break after upgrade to .NET 4.5.1 We have custom operations which are in an assembly built with target as .net 3.5.<br /> Up until the server had .net 4.5 installed, they used to run fine with ABS. After a recent upgrade to .net framework 4.5.1, these operations are crashing ABS with error : &quot;Automated Build Studio has encountered a problem in moudle ntdll.dll...&quot;<br /> I&#39;m attaching the error report file. I&#39;ve verified that this is due to upgrade by switching back and forth from 4.5 to 4.5.1.<br /> <br /> Additional information:<br /> We had some other custom operation which was in a .net .4.0 assembly. To make it work we created a .config file for ABS executables and added the following in it:<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; &lt;supportedRuntime version=&quot;v4.0&quot; sku=&quot;.NETFramework,Version=v4.0&quot;/&gt;<br /> Now if we remove this line, then the crash doesn&#39;t happen, but again it creates probelm for our 4.0 trageting custom operation.<br /> <br /> Here is the common info from error report.<br /> <div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Exception address: 0x77C822D2 Exception code: 0xC0000005</pre> </div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Report number in session: 1</pre> </div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Session id: {B67C2A0F-504F-463E-AA38-CDA2639DDC27}</pre> </div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Session start time: 02/10/2014 12:38:08 PM</pre> </div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Session duration: 00:00:11</pre> </div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Product name: Automated Build Studio</pre> </div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Product version: 6</pre> </div> <div> <pre class="aqItem"> Command line: &quot;C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\Automated Build Studio\bin\AutomatedBuildStudio.exe&quot; &quot;C:\Users\\Desktop\test.bbp&quot;</pre> </div> </div> <br /> 2/10/2014 6:46:04 AM Karan Bulbule f9b93401-83a1-4bbb-bc0f-b80e9520226d RE: Creating new tasks more easily Well, it turns out that I *can* copy/paste the xml task files.&nbsp; All I have to do is restart the ABS service and my new tasks show up.&nbsp; Not as clean as I would like, but it works.<br /> <br /> I do think you should add copy/paste functionality or a &quot;duplicate task&quot; button, though.<br /> <br /> Dennis 1/31/2014 5:34:19 PM Dennis Jones ad22fcc7-a212-480f-bd70-b5af7b5ef358 Creating new tasks more easily Is there an easy way to duplicate tasks so they can be edited to create a new task?&nbsp; It is always a pain to have to manually re-enter all of the options when creating new tasks when 99% of the information is identical (different branch, for example).&nbsp; I tried copying/pasting the xml files in the tasks folder, but the new tasks don&#39;t show up in the task list (don&#39;t know why).&nbsp; Surely this could be made MUCH easier?<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> <br /> Dennis 1/31/2014 2:56:46 PM Dennis Jones ce294d73-e156-4796-b91b-c76c8b347bd8