QAComplete, DevComplete and ALMComplete RE: Run/Schedule automated tests with QAComplete towards remote machines Hi again,<br /> <br /> Anyone here to shed some light about scheduling automated tests towards TestExecute machine via QAComplete?<br /> <br /> Thnak you 7/28/2014 5:32:40 AM thomas brossamain 09c3859d-d6d1-4d83-abac-1b539df9e979 iFonebox release - professional iPhone data recovery &amp; data backup tool iFonebos release 7/24/2014 2:40:01 AM zheng fei b6221bd8-07e7-4cb0-a20b-527905ea95a5 RE: Easiest way to know when contents of test cases/test requirements changes Hello Lauren,<br /> <br /> Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we don&#39;t have a built in report for that where it shows the before and after. I can only think of the Ad-hoc Detail &gt; Test Library Report where you can chose your fields such as &quot;Date Updated&quot;, &quot;Updated By&quot;, &quot;Notes&quot; if the notes field would be the field your users use to make updates/changes.<br /> <br /> &gt;&gt; 7/23/2014 4:03:57 PM Christiane Gangloff 7a8888c5-29b1-4a6b-865e-ff10fcba397d RE: Easiest way to know when contents of test cases/test requirements changes No - similar to Lu Pearson, I&#39;m looking for a type of &quot;audit&quot; report to review changes made to test scripts after they were reviewed and approved, where I can filter by date and see a description of the change(s) made, similar to the view in the history tab.&nbsp; 7/23/2014 10:55:04 AM Lauren Ryan 13afcd89-b1d1-444e-9f69-4a7d451f90f4 RE: Easiest way to know when contents of test cases/test requirements changes Hello Lauren,<br /> <br /> Are you referring to the &quot;Status&quot; of the Test being changed?<br /> <br /> Thank you,<br /> Christiane 7/23/2014 8:27:49 AM Christiane Gangloff 996149d5-431f-42f4-b412-ea989250f0d9 RE: Using variables in Filters Hello Ken,<br /> <br /> Yes you can create a custom field and filter for that. For example:<br /> <br /> - Create a custom text field (this field will contain your text &amp; variables)<br /> - Create a new filter (see video below)<br /> --<br /> <br /> Thank you,<br /> Christiane 7/21/2014 11:20:04 AM Christiane Gangloff ea9a9305-3fd8-4e8e-8603-06d1a71d628b RE: QAComplete JIRA Integration Along this same topic: Will the SAAS version of QA complete also integrate with the SAAS version of JIRA, or will it only work with a locally hosted JIRA? 7/17/2014 6:06:59 PM Lance Drolet 6944e856-9145-48a0-a989-613533dc7b3d RE: RE: API Documentation Thanks to provide a reference... 7/17/2014 6:31:58 AM nocvue nms 48eb318c-8c36-4187-85f2-d583f5b25e76 RE: How to check a check box in a grid List Too helpful information... 7/17/2014 6:26:48 AM nocvue nms c023df85-d5e1-4010-9de5-3c87ae35891b Using variables in Filters I am tying to find out if I can use Variables in a filter.&nbsp; For example, I want to filter so that I get results where a specific text field contains set text &amp; vairable text (i.e. Fixed in version XX.XX).&nbsp; Is this possible?<br /> <br /> Thanks! 7/10/2014 9:38:41 AM Ken Hopper f0324958-ee4e-438d-aaec-9c5374a924ef RE: How do I set project variable (DB table type) by scripting? I too am having the same sort of problem. &nbsp;I&#39;ve looked all over the Internet, but have not found any solution. &nbsp;Would anyone here have an answer?<br /> <br /> 7/9/2014 3:25:49 PM Thomas Emich 89c69b00-7097-421a-9693-5a01db01d4c5 rich edit text fields Is it possible to show rich edit text fields on the main test library page, under the test management tab?&nbsp; So if a test had a description, could I have that description or some truncated version show as a column field ? 7/9/2014 8:44:00 AM John Reardanz e0d8d1a0-7afb-48f5-b28c-7b00f0eda934 Differences between number of tests executed by TestExecute and in report qaComplete Hi;)<br /> <br /> I have very strange issue, I have project suite with 14 projects. i run it and all is ok, 14 projects pass, in gerneral info all is &quot;GREEN&quot; but when I look in qaComplete report , there is &quot;RED&quot; status, and in number of tests is 15, 1 failed , 14 pass...<br /> When I click into this link, then all is green and pass..<br /> <br /> Any ideas how to solve this issue? 7/9/2014 3:13:59 AM Mateusz Serkowski 29f85bc2-2f0a-4b08-94a1-e949ff0c67f6 RE: Adding SEQ Test Steps to Test Case Allconnect QA, did you ever get a response on this? 7/8/2014 1:54:06 PM Chris Meisenzahl 7182a49a-7836-469d-af13-bc7e21aab8d0 RE: Error while installing and registering the bridge (qacomplete) Hi Kalpita, <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Did you download the bridge from [url=]here[/url]? Can you reboot the computer and try to run the installation process one more time (don&#39;t launch TestComplete)?</div> 7/8/2014 4:57:09 AM Tanya Gorbunova d7ab91b6-2499-4eae-b84f-42e185998caa