TestComplete http://smartbear.com/forums Objects was not found - SysTreeView32 in Windows 8 <div> The test has been written in TestComplete 10.0.531.7 (under Windows XP) and executes without errors.</div> <div> In TestExecute 10.0.531.11 (under Windows 8) it fails with the following error:</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <em>An error occurred while accessing the &quot;ClickItem&quot; method or property of the &quot;SysTreeView32&quot; object.</em></div> <div> <em>The object or one of its parent objects was not found.</em></div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <em>Object Whose Method or Property Was Accessed</em></div> <div> <em>Alias: Aliases.SLV_sql.dlg_4.SHBrowseForFolderShellNameSpaceControl.SysTreeView32&nbsp;</em></div> <div> <em>Name mapping item: NameMapping.Sys.SLV_sql.dlg_4.SHBrowseForFolderShellNameSpaceControl.SysTreeView32&nbsp;</em></div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <em>Object That Was Not Found</em></div> <div> <em>Alias: Aliases.SLV_sql.dlg_4.SHBrowseForFolderShellNameSpaceControl.SysTreeView32&nbsp;</em></div> <div> <em>Name mapping item: NameMapping.Sys.SLV_sql.dlg_4.SHBrowseForFolderShellNameSpaceControl.SysTreeView32&nbsp;</em></div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <em>Click the link above to view and configure mapping settings for the missing object.</em></div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> It is normal that the same message?</div> http://smartbear.com/forums/f81/t89067/Objects-was-not-found-SysTreeView32-in-Window 4/24/2014 7:38:51 PM Sergei Vdovin d3cca1f8-b2b1-4f0f-83cd-1e9ea28a283c RE: Test performing update in database Hi,<br /> <br /> I am afraid that with the out-of-the-box set of keyword operations it is not possible to run queries/execute commands&nbsp;against the database(s).<br /> Possible approaches are: either use the coding (scripting) approach utilizing ADO object, or create a custom keyword operation(s)&nbsp;according to your needs (see TC help for more info about how to create custom keyword operations). http://smartbear.com/forums/f81/t89051/RE-Test-performing-update-in-database 4/24/2014 3:31:35 PM Alexei Karas 94e79f6f-2217-48c9-ae59-8183e2a4fc4f RE: Getting Projects and Keyword Test information from TestExcecute COM object Hi Phil,<br /> <br /> Some time ago I did a similair to what Hugo said parsing of TC project file to get a list of all manual tests that exist in the project. Hope you&#39;ll be able to&nbsp;modify the code (many thanks to SmartBear&#39;s Support for the help with it)&nbsp;to get the list of Keyword tests...<br /> <p> &#39;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p> Function GetManualTestsCollection<br /> &nbsp; Const cProcName = &quot;GetManualTestsCollection&quot;<br /> &nbsp; Dim cProcNameMsgPrefix<br /> &nbsp; cProcNameMsgPrefix = cUnitNameMsgPrefix &amp; cProcName &amp; &quot;(): &quot;</p> <p> &nbsp; Const cExt = &quot;.tcMT&quot;</p> <p> &nbsp; Dim Doc<br /> &nbsp; Dim ManualTestCollection<br /> &nbsp; Dim Nodes<br /> &nbsp; Dim Node<br /> &nbsp; Dim strManTCName<br /> &nbsp; Dim i</p> <p> &nbsp; Set ManualTestCollection = CreateObject(&quot;Scripting.Dictionary&quot;)<br /> &nbsp; Set GetManualTestsCollection = ManualTestCollection</p> <p> &nbsp; If (&quot;&quot; = BuiltIn.GetCOMServerPath(&quot;Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0&quot;)) Then InstallMSXML</p> <p> &nbsp; &#39; Create COM object<br /> &nbsp; Set Doc = Sys.OleObject(&quot;Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0&quot;)<br /> &nbsp; Doc.async = False</p> <p> &nbsp; &#39; Load data from the current project file<br /> &nbsp; Call Doc.load(Project.FileName)</p> <p> &nbsp; &#39; Report an error, if, for instance, the markup or file structure is invalid<br /> &nbsp; If (Doc.parseError.errorCode &lt;&gt; 0) Then<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; s = &quot;Reason:&quot; &amp; vbTab &amp; Doc.parseError.reason &amp; vbCrLf &amp; _<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Line:&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp; &amp; vbTab &amp; CStr(Doc.parseError.line) &amp; vbCrLf &amp; _<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Pos:&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &amp; vbTab &amp; CStr(Doc.parseError.linePos) &amp; vbCrLf &amp; _<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Source:&quot; &amp; vbTab &amp; Doc.parseError.srcText<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &#39; Post an error to the log and exit<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Call Log.Error(cProcNameMsgPrefix &amp; &quot;Error when parsing the project file.&quot;, _<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Project.FileName &amp; vbCrLf &amp; s)<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Set Doc = Nothing<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Exit Function<br /> &nbsp; End If</p> <p> &nbsp; &#39; Use an XPath expression to obtain the list of Manual tests nodes<br /> &#39;&nbsp; Set Nodes = Doc.selectNodes(&quot;//Node[contains(@name,&quot;&quot;.tcmt&quot;&quot;)]&quot;)<br /> <br /> &nbsp; &#39; Return &#39;name&#39; nodes that ends on cExt value (case insensitive compare)<br /> &nbsp; &#39; Case insensitive search for the &#39;name&#39; nodes that end on the cExt (&#39;.tcMT&#39;) extension<br /> &nbsp; &#39; Based on:<br /> &nbsp; &#39; <a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/614797/xpath-find-a-node-that-has-a-given-attribute-whose-value-contains-a-string">http://stackoverflow.com/questions/614797/xpath-find-a-node-that-has-a-given-attribute-whose-value-contains-a-string</a><br /> &nbsp; &#39; <a href="http://www.dotnetspider.com/resources/470-Doing-case-InSensitve-comparisons-using-XPa-X.aspx">http://www.dotnetspider.com/resources/470-Doing-case-InSensitve-comparisons-using-XPa-X.aspx</a><br /> &nbsp; &#39; <a href="http://bytes.com/topic/xml/answers/726552-xpath-query-ends">http://bytes.com/topic/xml/answers/726552-xpath-query-ends</a><br /> &nbsp; Set Nodes = Doc.selectNodes(&quot;//Node[substring(translate(@name, &quot;&quot;abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz&quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot;ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ&quot;&quot;), string-length(@name) - string-length(&quot;&quot;&quot; &amp; cExt &amp; &quot;&quot;&quot;) + 1, string-length(@name)) = translate(&quot;&quot;&quot; &amp; cExt &amp; &quot;&quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot;abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz&quot;&quot;,&quot;&quot;ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ&quot;&quot;)]&quot;)</p> <p> &nbsp; &#39; Process the nodes<br /> &nbsp; For Each Node In Nodes<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; For i = 0 To Node.attributes.length-1<br /> &#39;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; If (&quot;value&quot; = Node.attributes(i).name) Then<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; If (&quot;name&quot; = Node.attributes(i).name) Then<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; strManTCName = Node.attributes(i).text &#39;e.g. ManualTests\ManualTest1\ManualTest1.tcMT<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &#39; get file name (without path and ext.)<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; strManTCName = Utilities.ChangeFileExt(aqFileSystem.GetFileName(strManTCName), &quot;&quot;)<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; If (&quot;&quot; &lt;&gt; strManTCName) Then ManualTestCollection.Add strManTCName, Eval(strManTCName)<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; End If<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Next<br /> &nbsp; Next</p> <p> &nbsp; Set Doc = Nothing<br /> End Function<br /> &#39;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> http://smartbear.com/forums/f81/t88288/RE-Getting-Projects-and-Keyword-Test-informati 4/24/2014 3:11:34 PM Alexei Karas 6107d023-ad7f-4b3c-804a-0065dde1549c I can see an object (open application) but I couldn&#39;t see all the methods implement in the class We used “ultimate grid” in our application. On object browser there is a object marked as "C++" SpreadControl which is one of the class in our application. But under this object I can only see those method from MFC(CCmdTarget_****,CCmdTarget_****). How can I call the methods implement in SpreadControl class. Thanks! http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89064/I-can-see-an-object-(open-application)-but-I-co 4/24/2014 2:45:32 PM aaron fu 8b2af2e9-940c-423c-9571-9f90fc814b94 RE: Getting Projects and Keyword Test information from TestExcecute COM object The only practical way to do this is by reading the XML files themselves (.MDS, .PJS, etc..). The TestComplete COM interfaces are utterly incompetent in this regard, they are clearly just an automation layer on the UI, not a proper API. Even the XML files are pretty ugly, but you can manage them through the XDocument class and Linq.<br /> <br /> Here is a very simple example on how to read the weird XML in TC project and project suite files:<br /> <br /> [code] &nbsp;&nbsp; Public Function GetPJSProjects(ByVal pathProjectSuite As String) As List(Of String)<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Dim xDoc = XDocument.Load(pathProjectSuite)<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Return (From n In xDoc...&lt;Node&gt; Where n.@name = &quot;files&quot; Select n.&lt;Node&gt;.@name).ToList<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; End Function[/xcode]<br /> <br /> This would return any &quot;name&quot; property off &quot;Node&quot; nodes that are descendants of the &quot;files&quot; node. Obviously you will have to locate the information&nbsp; you need within the XML tree and construct your Linq code accordingly, but this should get you started. http://smartbear.com/forums/f81/t88288/RE-Getting-Projects-and-Keyword-Test-informati 4/24/2014 1:02:28 PM Hugo Lalumiere ac3f3f15-1543-4b1a-80c6-5a54417e4de9 RE: Anyone Else Crashing TC v10? TC10, 10.1, & 10.2 has crashed on me many times now. It seems to have something to do with object recognition because it's crashed when sometimes using the Object Spy or trying to highlight an object from the NameMapping tree. The web pages often have hidden fields with similar names to the objects on screen so perhaps there is a conflict with the Extended Find feature but it's very annoying when TestComplete completely hangs and then I have to End the task and lose any unsaved work. I never had this issue prior to TC10 versions. http://smartbear.com/forums/f75/t86096/RE-Anyone-Else-Crashing-TC-v10 4/24/2014 12:57:48 PM Chris Ulisse a3377de2-ee9b-40d1-b39f-d33d4ac28abb CrossPlataform Test error I&#39;m trying to make a cross plataform test. I make a test in Chrome, and after when i try to run a test with diferent browsers, the test only work in the chrome browser. If i run the test in FireFox the following error appear:<br /> <br /> <p> There are several objects in the system that match the recognition attributes of the &quot;<a href="namemapping://{23E62727-035F-4598-B539-772A330FA4B0}.{9F924569-FA3E-41B2-8B5A-70A676836215}">browser</a>&quot; mapped object.</p> <p> This may cause the &quot;Object not found&quot; error.</p> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 12px"> <b><u>Objects</u></b></p> <div style="MARGIN-LEFT: 24px"> <p> Sys.Browser(&quot;chrome&quot;)</p> <p> Sys.Browser(&quot;firefox&quot;)</p> </div> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 12px"> To solve the problem, you may need to modify mapping settings for the &quot;<a href="namemapping://{23E62727-035F-4598-B539-772A330FA4B0}.{9F924569-FA3E-41B2-8B5A-70A676836215}">browser</a>&quot; object or one of its parent objects.</p> <p style="MARGIN-TOP: 12px"> <a href="aqa-help://2204">See Help for more information</a><br /> <br /> See the video at [url=http://adigitalbook.s3.amazonaws.com/testComplete.mp4]here[/url]&nbsp;with all my actions.<br /> <br /> HUGO</p> http://smartbear.com/forums/f78/t89061/CrossPlataform-Test-error 4/24/2014 12:51:30 PM Hugo Marques d24504c3-6cb1-4bae-9a11-e8b8828548e4 RE: Parameterizing Object Properties CompareProperty requires a string for comparison.&nbsp; As I desired to find the string using the variable, this would not work.&nbsp; The getPropertyValue is the function that was needed. http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89053/RE-Parameterizing-Object-Properties 4/24/2014 11:08:28 AM Sherry Marshall e40de62a-62ea-4302-9800-7ce64942f114 RE: Importing\Exporting Testcomplete tests Check the [url=http://support.smartbear.com/viewarticle/55787/]SaveResultsAs method here[/url]. http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89057/RE-Importing-Exporting-Testcomplete-tests 4/24/2014 11:01:07 AM Ryan Moran 84022328-bb7d-42d8-a982-27ca2ed28694 RE: Importing\Exporting Testcomplete tests Each Keyword test is an XML file, but with a different extension.<br /> <br /> However, it seems to me it would not be easy to parse them. http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89057/RE-Importing-Exporting-Testcomplete-tests 4/24/2014 10:59:44 AM Gena Alpaev 33bfe1dd-a0b5-454f-be9b-2d94c7f31069 Importing\Exporting Testcomplete tests Hi,<br /> <br /> is it possible to import test to testcomplete<br /> or export test to different formats?<br /> <br /> for example,export a keyword to csv, or xml files?<br /> <br /> thanks! http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89057/Importing-Exporting-Testcomplete-tests 4/24/2014 10:55:01 AM Sivan Druker a5bd4c8e-7a3b-4a47-a100-e7020d14175c RE: Parameterizing Object Properties &quot;<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Arial; font-size: 13px; line-height: 18px;">&nbsp;I do not desire to log an error if the checkProperty returns false</span>&quot;<br /> <br /> You can simply use CompareProperty instead of CheckProperty. It allows posting general message instead of error. http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89053/RE-Parameterizing-Object-Properties 4/24/2014 10:42:29 AM Gena Alpaev 02ac90a9-56f5-4d61-a9aa-ec92ba1a8717 RE: Parameterizing Object Properties <div> VBScript Example of getting object property (With variable (myPropName) property name):<br /> [code]Sub Main<br /> Set wShell = CreateObject(&quot;wScript.Shell&quot;)</div> <div> wShell.Run &quot;notepad&quot;</div> <div> Set myObj = Sys.Process(&quot;Notepad&quot;)</div> <div> Dim myPropName</div> <div> myPropName = &quot;FullName&quot;</div> <div> msgbox aqObject.GetPropertyValue(myObj,myPropName),vbSystemModal<br /> End Sub<br /> &#39;This is much easier in JScript :)[/code]</div> http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89053/RE-Parameterizing-Object-Properties 4/24/2014 10:34:36 AM Ryan Moran a60b58a9-53e5-4340-8f91-465707c3fc22 RE: grouping tests to run That was close and got me thinking, i solved it using that info. I made another unit and put the routines i wanted in order i.e.<br /> <div> <br /> //USEUNIT SmokeTestSource</div> <div> function RunSmokeTestDev()</div> <div> {</div> <div> &nbsp; bringToFront()</div> <div> &nbsp; testSizing()</div> <div> &nbsp; ResizeWindow()</div> <div> &nbsp; createSceanrio()</div> <div> &nbsp; setViewpoint()</div> <div> &nbsp; BasicViewpoint()</div> <div> &nbsp; Palette()</div> <div> &nbsp; BasicCulture()</div> <div> &nbsp; BasicBehavior()</div> <div> &nbsp; CultureAttach()</div> <div> &nbsp; BehaviorAttach()</div> <div> &nbsp; exitCancel()</div> <div> &nbsp; exitDontSave()</div> <div> }<br /> <br /> I am then making another but it will be&nbsp;<br /> function SmokeTestBuild()<br /> function SmokeTestQA()<br /> <br /> etc<br /> <br /> then from TestExecute i will call<br /> <br /> TestExecute.exe &lt;mypjs&gt; &lt;unit&gt; &lt;routine&gt;&nbsp;<br /> that will be decided by the goal at that time.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I did a lot of reading past few days and realized i should not have all my main code in my test file jus tthe routines i want bundled to keep it clean. This is my first job that has code beyong general scripting so i have a lot to learn. thank you for link it opened my eyes :)</div> http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t88961/RE-grouping-tests-to-run 4/24/2014 10:16:48 AM Mathew Saunders 94a24d5c-c58a-4f33-9e5f-7f1432ac9d17 Parameterizing Object Properties I know this is possible as I have done it years ago but do not remember the syntax in order to accomplish this.<br /> <br /> I have an object and want to compare the existing property with the value.&nbsp; The property; however, is variable.&nbsp; How can I call the non-hard coded property variable for comparison?&nbsp; The CheckProperty will accept the property variable; however, I do not desire to log an error if the checkProperty returns false, nor do I desire to wait for the checkProperty to return true.<br /> <br /> i.e.&nbsp; Hard coded property<br /> <p> <i><font color="#008000" face="Courier New" size="2"><font color="#008000" face="Courier New" size="2"><font color="#008000" face="Courier New" size="2">If pobjItem.contentText &lt;&gt; pObjValue Then<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </font></font></font></i><font face="Courier New" size="2"><font face="Courier New" size="2"><b>Call</b> bObjectClick(pobjItem, pFindBy, pObjType, pObjValue, pTagName)</font></font></p> <p> <font face="Courier New" size="2"><font face="Courier New" size="2"><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; call</b> bFindNativeWebObjectAndClick(pFindBy, pObjType, pObjValue, pTagName, &quot;&quot;, &quot;&quot;)</font></font></p> <p> <font face="Courier New" size="2"><font face="Courier New" size="2">End if<br /> <br /> i.e. desired function with parameterize call to object property.<br /> <br /> pobjType = contentText (This Is passed by another function)<br /> <br /> If pobjItem.pobjType &lt;&gt; pObjValue Then<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Call bObjectClick<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Call bFindNativeWebObjectandClick<br /> End if</font></font><br /> &nbsp;</p> http://smartbear.com/forums/f74/t89053/Parameterizing-Object-Properties 4/24/2014 10:16:10 AM Sherry Marshall 9999b80a-2374-4278-a304-b5ed33e7494d