DevPlanner conflicting Javaw.exe while running the test scripts via Jenkins Hi,<br /> <br /> I recorded a script using testcomplete 9 for eclipse application and when i am executing the script via jenkins, my Shell objects in scripts are not identified and the script fails.<br /> <br /> I observed that Jenkins which i launched have javaw.exe process and eclipse also have a identical javaw.exe process in task manager in windows machine.<br /> <br /> The script runs fluently while running in the standalone machine where as when triggered from jenkins fails due to problems in identifying the shell object in the script.<br /> <br /> As a workaround i followed the below methods&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 1. run the jenkins<br /> 2. run the eclipse application<br /> 3. launch the script<br /> 4. The script executes successfully<br /> <br /> if i do not keep the eclipse application open before running the script the scripts fails and i am not able to proceed.<br /> <br /> I am new to this kind of errors. Your help would be much appreciated.<br /> <br /> Please let me know if anymore information is required.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> 8/3/2014 8:13:07 PM Vaman Hegde f4c06c51-a67e-471e-b99e-4d4b508949b2 RE: Need more than 10 users Sorry i don&#39;t knoa about it. 3/30/2013 2:48:34 AM khushi sharma a6d6183d-56f7-43a9-a727-a86fe7b7ffae RE: Need more than 10 users Hi,<br /> <br /> I am newbie here, please tell me minimum 10 user necessary or less is working. 10/13/2012 5:00:39 AM paul karns fdecbf6f-9727-4694-9bab-64672e632c13 Only Project Allowed is Sample Project Is there a way to add a project to DevPlanner?&nbsp; I signed up for it and attempted to add a project, but I received this message:&nbsp; "You have reached the maximum number of projects allowed for this edition of Software Planner."&nbsp; Does this mean that the only project available in DevPlanner is the sample project? 7/13/2012 4:41:24 PM Teri Salisbury c0aca9ab-0b47-42c5-9140-a84124851b23 RE: Can I assign more than 1 resource to a task? Hi Regis,<br /> Sorry to say - no, it hasn't made it onto the schedule yet. Our roadmap is pretty full for quite some time.<br /> Thanks!<br /> 11/7/2011 4:32:02 PM Barbara Eaton 98432ffe-31ef-4e7a-b4f0-533359cf2362 RE: Can I assign more than 1 resource to a task? Hi,<br /> is there any progress on this feature?<br /> thanks<br /> regis 11/3/2011 2:33:19 AM Regis Baudu 3ed7887d-3672-4111-9bdf-5760a45f9f87 RE: Unable to View Multiple Task on one page of a project plan Hi Peter,<br /> I can't quite tell from your screen shot what's going on - did it pop to Page 2 when you added Task 2? It shouldn't be doing that.<br /> You might just try the usual: log out, clear the browser cache, log back in.<br /> Once you add a task or two you can indent, as long as you have a parent task. It should look like the attachment here.<br /> 7/29/2011 11:55:45 AM Barbara Eaton e6c733b3-62b7-43fe-85fa-2ff34c1eddc0 Unable to View Multiple Task on one page of a project plan Hi <br /> <br /> I am trying out the Project planning of Dev Planner. When adding tasks the task is added to a new page in the project plan and cannot be indented. Is this a limitation to the free version or a setting I need to change?<br /> <br /> Many Thanks<br /> <br /> 7/29/2011 10:48:57 AM Peter James 67adea85-c72f-44fc-a137-a9b367a59330 RE: Need more than 10 users Hi Kenneth!<br /> The "freebies" QAPlanner and DevPlanner are limited to 10 users, but the 30 day trials of DevComplete and QAComplete are unlimited users<br /> You might want to take a look at DevPlanner <a href=""></a>&nbsp;not only for the number of users but additional functionality.<br /> 12/22/2010 1:13:47 PM Barbara Eaton f93e11d4-a43b-40a2-bca6-339da1515207 Need more than 10 users I would like to evaluate the beta with 27 users, but it appears the limit is default to 10.&nbsp; Is it possible to get this increased so I can evaluate using a whole team versus a portion? 12/22/2010 12:27:23 PM Kenneth Rogers c0ceb48f-a246-4f28-938e-f603ed4db9fe Uncluttering your tasks using Task Boards <h3>Uncluttering your tasks using Task Boards </h3> <br/> <br/> <br/>Most of us understand the complexity of software development. There are lots of moving parts, requirements to hash out, coding and testing to get done. With tons of tasks in a project, it can easily get overwhelming trying to figure out the status of what's on our plate and what things we've already completed.<br /> <br /> Many Agile and iterative Waterfall teams have simplified this process by using Task Boards. If you've never used a Task Board, simplicity is what makes it interesting. A Task Board is simply a list of all the tasks a developer has to work on. It is normally divided into 3 columns:<br /> <br /> 1. To Do - List of things I've not started<br /> 2. In Progress -Things I am currently working on<br /> 3. Completed - Stuff I've completed<br /> <br /> To utilize this, most teams simply use a whiteboard with sticky notes to identify these tasks. So as we begin working on things, we simply move the sticky notes to In Progress. Once we complete them, we move them to the Completed area. As new tasks come in, they go into the To Do column. By having this front and center for the team to see, we all know the status of our tasks.<br /> <br /> After working with this a while, we thought it would be cool to have our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) (<a href=""></a>) tool display Task Boards. So I asked my team to come up with a simple yet effective way of showing this online. They came up with a cool design. As a developer, you can access your Task Board and see all your tasks, just as you can by using a whiteboard. However, they took it a step further. For each task, they show:<br /> <br /> 1. What requirement it is related to<br /> 2. How many hours have been worked thus far<br /> 3. How many hours are left (and pct complete)<br /> 4. The critical dates (estimated start and finish dates)<br /> <br /> They even extended it by showing any tasks that are due today in green and tasks that are overdue in red. That allows you to quickly spot the ones that might be slipping. This new feature is slated to go to production in ALMComplete (<a href=""></a>) sometime this month (December 2010). Here is a quick preview of what it looks like and here is a quick movie that shows how it works:<br /> <br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> What do you think? 12/10/2010 5:42:46 PM Steve Miller 86b98cd1-2ac6-4c9d-b7e2-d21d19296081 RE: Beta Version is great but I can't test any of the GOOD functionality Hi Shannon,<br /> You can give DevComplete or ALMComplete a free try - just register for a 30-day trial of either one to see more functionality!<br /> Free Trial info is right on our home page at<br /> 11/5/2010 1:05:46 PM Barbara Eaton 439c6f0a-f38b-46f1-b344-ae45802e0564 RE: Can I assign more than 1 resource to a task? Hi Shannon!<br /> Good question and good point. Currently there is only one assignee per task: multiple assignees would require splitting the task into multiple tasks.<br /> We have this as a feature request and hope to provide it in a future version.<br /> 11/5/2010 10:54:20 AM Barbara Eaton cb2348dd-79e7-4d9d-8e2c-b69f75f50c0c Can I assign more than 1 resource to a task? Most of my project tasks require 2 or more people.&nbsp; Is there a way to assign more than 1 resource to a task?&nbsp; Without this feature, this product will be almost impossible to use as my primary PM tool. 11/4/2010 3:57:15 PM Shannon Gemberling 2333999b-7e75-4136-9c23-8c3daa6b6106 Beta Version is great but I can't test any of the GOOD functionality I'm trying to test how well/easy SoftwarePlanner allows import &amp; export into/from MS Project using the Beta version.&nbsp; However when I download the plug-in and try to import from SoftwarePlanner i get the message that the feature is not supported in my current version.&nbsp; This is key functionality and I'm hesitant to purchase the software without seeing this in action. 11/4/2010 3:51:15 PM Shannon Gemberling 50f48fc2-5556-40a7-b31e-246799807f58