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The SmartBear Developer Network is designed to help you, our valued customer, utilize, expand and customize our products for your needs. As software developers, we know that it’s not enough to build great software. You want an ecosystem, where you can build to fit. That’s what the Developer Network is: your environment to build and add new capabilities to Ready! API platform, TestComplete, and other SmartBear products.

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Somewhere along the agile road, the story part of user stories was forgotten and we were left with a short template to describe a user’s need. It's...
Dublin, Ireland
November 24-27, 2014


2 days of conferences to talk about APIs and Identity, Security, Scalability, Internet of Things and Big data with the very best of the worldwide A...
December 2-3, 2014

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Phil Baird is a Community Expert, and TestComplete super user. 

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