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  • Case Study: Incentive Networks

    Incentive Networks Saves over $3 Million a Year with SmartBear’s AlertSite Website Monitoring

    Incentive Networks provides a private-label, merchant-funded loyalty-marketing platform for hundreds of partners across thousands of retailers. When its websites began taking as much as 30 seconds to download, the potential loss of revenue and customer trust was alarming. Incentive Networks turned to AlertSite from SmartBear for help. Using data gathered from AlertSite’s monitoring and reporting, the company’s IT team rapidly identified crucial points in their code that were causing the slowdowns, and quickly eliminated the problems.

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  • Case Study: Branding Brand

    Branding Brand provides mobile commerce and social media turnkey solutions to retailers. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Branding Brand's in-house design and development teams re-deploy websites across multiple channels - including mobile phones, apps, tablets and Facebook - while adding enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

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  • Case Study:

    AlertSite Gives a 20-20 View of Website Performance, the world’s largest online reading glasses store, realized that the lack of an external system to monitor, measure and test website performance was hindering its ability to provide customers with the most responsive online shopping experience. After trying an overly complex and costly performance monitoring solution, discovered AlertSite from SmartBear offered exactly what it needed. AlertSite enables the company to pinpoint performance issues, optimize applications and the network, and minimize downtime by speeding problem detection.

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  • Case Study: American Red Cross

    AlertSite is the Lifeline to Uptime for American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross needed geographically dispersed testing to monitor and measure the performance of its Microsoft SharePoint sites—which receive more than 20 million hits per month—from wherever volunteers were located. AlertSite from SmartBear provides the Red Cross with comprehensive website monitoring and measuring to help support its response network, aid disaster victims, and to ensure the internal sites that are so critical to disaster recovery are running at peak performance.

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  • Case Study: edo Interactives

    AlertSite is edo Interactive’s Ticket to Improved Website Performance and Security

    edo Interactive develops technologies that use payment card platforms for digital marketing purposes, such as the placement of coupons on debit, credit or prepaid cards. The company needed a monitoring solution to ensure the availability of its website and applications. edo Interactive chose SmartBear’s AlertSite for performance monitoring and to examine all Internet-connected devices, ports, routers and firewalls for overlooked vulnerabilities or system weaknesses that hackers could exploit.

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  • Case Study: LunaWarehouse

    Alertsite Shines Bright for LunaWarehouse

    LunaWarehouse is a commercial and residential lighting retailer that conducts the majority of its business online. Committed to providing a safe, reliable shopping experience for its customers, Luna evaluated security-scanning solutions and chose AlertSite from SmartBear to accurately and cost-effectively monitor its site. Since deploying AlertSite, inquiries about the site’s safety have decreased, and traffic has increased.

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  • Case Study: Shopbop

    AlertSite Ensures Web Performance is Always in Style at Shopbop

    Shopbop is a leading online retailer of high-end clothing for fashion-conscious women. To ensure its ongoing success and drive revenue growth, Shopbop realized that fast-loading Web pages and prompt resolution of problems were vital. Shopbop turned to AlertSite from SmartBear to measure response time and compile real-time Web host performance data and uptime availability. AlertSite’s comprehensive performance monitoring and immediate notification of site problems enables Shopbop to address issues before they adversely affect its customers’ shopping experiences.

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  • Case Study: Fordham University

    AlertSite Earns Top Grades at Fordham University

    Fordham University’s IT Services provides round-the-clock support for more than 16,000 students and faculty. With so many critical data centers needed to run these capabilities, Fordham turned to AlertSite from SmartBear to accurately, continually and cost-effectively monitor and test performance. AlertSite helped the university address—and improve—users’ online experiences by supplying real-time alerts about network issues and creating reports that could be used to anticipate potential problems.

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  • Case Study: Exostar

    Exostar Turns to AlertSite to Make Customer Care More Reliable

    Exostar’s identity assurance products and on-demand business applications reduce risk, improve agility, and strengthen trading partner relationships and profitability for over 40,000 companies worldwide. The company chose  AlertSite from SmartBear to fulfill its need for a reliable Web performance monitoring solution with the ability to monitor multiple-step business processes, employing user ID/password and certificate-based authentication.

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  • Case Study: ArcLight

    ArcLight Relies on AlertSite to Speed Up Online Ticket Sales

    When movie theater operator ArcLight’s new website experienced intermittent slowdowns that prevented customers from buying tickets, the company lost revenue. It turned to AlertSite from SmartBear to perform load tests that identified problem areas that were quickly fixed so the show could go on.

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  • Case Study: Raymond James

    Raymond James Invests in SmartBear Technology to Monitor Critical Financial-Transaction Applications
    AlertSite for Web and API Monitoring Proactively Tests End-User Experiences
    Behind the Firewall and Across the Global Internet
    As a holding company for financial service subsidiaries, Raymond James Financial
    (NYSE-RJF) partners with more than 6,200 affiliated advisors who serve more than
    2.4 million individual and corporate investment accounts throughout the United
    States, Canada and overseas. Offering a wide range of investment and wealthplanning
    services, the firm’s total client assets are approximately $413 billion.

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  • Case Study: Grass Roots

    Grass Roots Leverages SmartBear AlertSite to Prove Customer Websites Satisfy SLA Requirements

    SmartBear AlertSite Also Proactively Identifies Potential Usability Issues Before Impact on Website Visitors
    Privately owned and an associate of the WPP Group, Grass Roots Group is a global customer and employee engagement specialist. Since the company’s founding in 1980, Grass Roots has helped thousands of clients achieve their business goals through communication, education, measurement, reward and event programs that inspire employees, channel partners and customers to transact more business. The company employs more than 1,000 people in 16 offices across the globe with world co-headquarters in London and Miami.

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  • Case Study: Gerber Life

    Gerber Life Insures Software Quality with SmartBear

    The Gerber Life Insurance Company, with more than three million policies worth in excess of $37 billion, needed a centralized Application Lifecycle Management tool to support both IT and business users. Departments had been using different spreadsheets and databases, leading to inconsistent and incomplete data. This piecemeal approach made it nearly impossible to align IT performance with business requirements, and reporting was a significant challenge. Then Gerber Life evaluated ALMComplete from SmartBear and knew they'd found the answer to their needs.

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  • Case Study: AutoDesk

    AutoDesk Uses AQtime for Fast, Reliable and Accurate Profiling

    Autodesk became the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD software company by ensuring quality and performance of its products. The company searched for a profiler tool to quickly determine where performance slow downs were occurring in its code. AQtime from SmartBear enables Autodesk to identify all bottlenecks and performance issues quickly, reliably and accurately.

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  • Case Study: Borland

    Borland Uses AQtime to Tune Complex Software Product

    Borland Delphi 2006, now part of Borland Developer Studio, is a complete environment for visual design, compilation, and debugging of Windows applications. When the product experienced a drag-and-drop problem that was difficult to debug, Borland used AQtime from SmartBear to tackle it. AQtime is ideally suited to isolate and address performance issues with such a complex product.

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  • Case Study: Camtek

    Camtek Improves Product Performance with AQTime

    Camtek creates and sells technologically advanced, cost-effective software-intensive products. When it needed to pinpoint bottlenecks in PVS, an efficient and intelligent verification station, Camtek deployed AQtime from SmartBear to debug and analyze the product to optimize its performance.

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  • Case Study: Valassis

    Valassis Turns to AQTime to Boost New Product Speed

    Valassis Relationship Marketing Systems is the premier developer of customer database products for high-transaction-volume retailers, including grocery, drug, convenience, mass, telecom, and clubs. As it developed a new version of its TargetEXPERT product, Valassis discovered that the new version was actually slower than its predecessor. So it turned to AQtime from SmartBear to get the software running at top speed.

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  • Case Study: Atalasoft

    Atalasoft Enhances Its Image with AQTime

    Atalasoft provides commercial imaging products, developer components, and custom solutions to companies around the world. Its products have an international reputation for being the best in imaging and the company is committed to ensuring that they stay that way. To stay ahead of the competition, Atalasoft depends on AQtime from SmartBear to analyze the performance of its managed and unmanaged code and measure the effectiveness of its unit testing.

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  • Case Study: NewsGator

    NewsGator Keeps Customers Up to Date with AQTime

    NewsGator, the leading RSS platform company, needed a tool for finding bottlenecks and improving overall speed of its FeedDemon 2.0 RSS reader. The company wanted to make it easier for new users to get started subscribing to and reading feeds, and for power users to deal with information overload. NewsGator found the solution it needed in AQtime from SmartBear, which saves the company time and money by quickly identifying where its software performs poorly.

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  • Case Study: Ikon

    Ikon Ensures Software Performance with AQTime

    Ikon Corp’s A.D.M.I.N. is an integrated hardware and software solution that monitors networks and detects, analyzes and identifies threats and illegal or damaging activity and pinpoints their origin in real time. To ensure stellar performance and identify performance issues and memory leaks quickly and accurately, Ikon selected AQtime from SmartBear for its ability to profile code, spot leaks and verify that tests had covered all of A.D.M.I.N.’s code.

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  • Case Study: FlexMedical

    OCERIS Depends on AQtime to Improve Performance of FlexMedical Software

    OCERIS produces high-quality software for the medical industry. To fulfill the industry’s need for easy-to-use, intuitive software, OCERIS created FlexMedical, which brings medical software up to date. When it wanted to improve FlexMedical's speed and performance, OCERIS chose AQtime from SmartBear for its advanced debugging and profiling capabilities.

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  • Case Study: Prosys

    AQtime Helps Prosys Plug Memory Leaks

    Prosys provides production and process monitoring and management solutions, along with other solutions for industrial device, machine and system developers and manufacturers. Software performance is a high priority for Prosys’s customers, so the company relies on AQtime from SmartBear to help with performance and memory management issues.

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  • Case Study: Quest Software

    Quest Software Uses AQtime to Build a Better Toad

    Quest Software delivers innovative products that help organizations get more performance and productivity from their applications, databases and Windows infrastructure. During the beta test period for its new Toad product, Quest discovered that it was consuming too much memory and running slow. With the help of AQtime, Quest was able to identify and address the concerns of the beta testers, en route to a successful product launch.

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  • Case Study: VersaTrans

    VersaTrans Gets Bus Scheduling Software on the Road to Success with AQtime

    VersaTrans Solutions produces software solutions used by school districts manage their bus scheduling and other logistics needs efficiently and economically. While upgrading its flagship application, VersaTrans RP, performance issues led the company to search for the right profiling tool to help resolve its problems. That search led to AQtime from SmartBear, which helped get VersaTrans RP rolling smoothly.

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  • Case Study: Visicom

    Visicom Reduces Time-to-Market with AQtime

    Visicom Media®, a worldwide leader in the development of innovative, quality tools for the Internet, needed a profiling and debugging tool to help determine why its flagship Dynamic Toolbar for Internet Explorer product was performing slowly when displaying routines. AQtime from SmartBear enabled Visicom to improve the product’s speed by up to 50 percent by eliminating a major bottleneck. 

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  • Rick Cavallaro - SmartBear User Experience with LoadComplete

    SmartBear video testimonial featuring Rick Cavallaro and his experience with LoadComplete. Watch the Video

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  • Falafel Software - Load Testing with LoadComplete

    Falafel Software - Load Testing with LoadComplete Watch the Video 

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  • Case Study: Salar

    Salar Quickly Launches New Healthcare Web Services Solution with LoadUIWeb Pro by SmartBear
    Performance, Stress and Load Testing Capabilities Streamline the Patient-Care Documentation Process
    Founded in 1999, Salar Inc. delivers the healthcare industry's most flexible and physician-centric electronic inpatient-documentation and billing solutions. Each Salar
    product provides a highly-customizable physician interface that integrates with existing medical records systems - enabling physicians and hospitals to achieve productivity, financial and patient-safety improvements. Salar solutions are deployed by many prominent hospitals including Johns Hopkins Hospital, UMass Memorial Health Care, Lifespan, the George Washington University and PinnacleHealth.

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  • Customer Success Story: Cisco Systems

    Based in Israel, Eran Kux is a Performance Testing Engineer for the Cisco Systems business unit that offers service provider video software and solutions. He recently met with SmartBear to discuss the benefits of LoadUI Pro. With a visual, drag-and-drop interface, LoadUI Pro allows Cisco to create, configure and redistribute application load tests interactively and in real-time. Following are insights from Kux into just how much LoadUI Pro helps Cisco.

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  • Customer Success Story: Blue Ridge Networks

    Headquartered in Virginia, Blue Ridge Networks has offered field-proven, reliable, scalable, certified, easy-to-use, and affordable  cybersecurity products and services to government, enterprises and consumers for more than 15 years.  Blue Ridge’s comprehensive solution set includes AppGuard®, a patented next-generation antivirus protection that stops zero-day malware. AppGuard  uses a unique isolation and containment method to protect against persistent threats and targeted attacks without whitelisting or scanning.

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  • Case Study: Bisnode Kredit

    SoapUI Pro Streamlines Web Services Integrations for Bisnode Kredit Customers.

    SmartBear recently interviewed Mattias Oldenburg, System Architect of Bisnode Kredit based in Sweden to discuss the benefits the company receives from SoapUI Pro. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, SoapUI Pro allows Bisnode Kredit application developers to rapidly create and execute automated Web Services, REST services, and load tests. In a single test environment, SoapUI Pro provides Bisnode Kredit with complete test coverage and supports all standard protocols and technologies.

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  • Case Study: Prime Therapeutics

    Prime Therapeutics Leverages SoapUI Pro to Fully Automate and Accelerate Web Services Testing

    Imad Alassi, a contractor Senior Test Automation Developer for Prime Therapeutics, recently discussed the benefits that company application-testing teams receive from SmartBear SoapUI Pro. The software streamlines testing of internal Web Services with an easy-to-use graphical interface and enterprise-class features. SoapUI Pro also allows Prime application testers to rapidly create and execute automated, functional, and compliant Web Services load tests in a single test environment— with complete support for all standard protocols and technologies.

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  • Case Study: Dun & Bradstreet

    Dun & Bradstreet Leverages SoapUI Pro to Facilitate API Demonstrations and Accelerate Prototype Development

    SmartBear recently interviewed John Caiafa, a Solution Architect-Financial Services for Dun & Bradstreet, on the company’s use of SmartBear SoapUI Pro. With an easy-to-use graphical interface and enterprise-class features, SoapUI Pro allows D&B developers to rapidly create and execute automated Web Services and load tests. In a single test environment, SoapUI Pro provides D&B with complete test coverage and supports all standard protocols and technologies.

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  • Case Study: Entersekt

    Michael Matthee, a Software Engineer for Entersekt, recently met with SmartBear to discuss the benefits of SmartBear SoapUI Pro. With an easy-to-use graphical interface and enterprise-class features, SoapUI Pro allows Entersekt to test the performance of its platform that enables secure communications between banks and mobile-device customers. Following are Matthee’s insights into just how much SoapUI Pro has helped his company bring the platform to market.

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  • Case Study: Adobe Systems, Inc.

    For more than two decades, Adobe Systems, Inc. award-winning technologies and software have redefined business, entertainment, and personal communications by setting new standards for producing and delivering content that engages people anywhere at anytime. Recently, Chris Walcott, Flash developer and quality assurance guru, took the time to tell us how TestComplete has helped them test and develop Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8.

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  • Case Study: Aurora Public Schools

    Aurora Public Schools Aces Software Tests with TestComplete

    Aurora Public Schools, a K-12 school district in Colorado, relies on third-party, packaged software for a variety of financial and other reports. It needs to analyze new revisions to the packaged software to determine the impact those revisions will have on the organization. The district uses TestComplete from SmartBear to automate testing and run reports.

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  • Case Study: ARUP Laboratories

    ARUP Laboratories Boosts Productivity with TestComplete

    ARUP Laboratories, a national reference laboratory and a worldwide leader in innovative laboratory research and development, offers an extensive test menu of highly complex and unique medical tests in clinical and anatomic pathology. It needed a repeatable, reliable, fast, non-intrusive, low-resource solution for the regression testing of new releases of its ESP software. Because production errors can impact patient care, it is critical that software defects be found and fixed early in the development process. That’s why ARUP relies on TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Bengal Development

    Bengal Development Enjoys the Benefits of Automated Testing with TestComplete

    Bengal Development is a division of Epoch Well Services, the fastest growing supplier of drilling instrumentation systems and wellsite reporting software in the world. As its product evolved and the company added customized extensions for specific customers, it became too big to continue manual testing. So Bengal successfully made the move to automated testing with TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Communicare Systems

    Communicare Makes GUI Testing More Consistent with TestComplete

    Communicare Systems provides an entire clinic software package for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. With its product used in medical facilities small and large, the company supports these sites with frequent software development, remote database management, reporting and training. As it grew, Communicare realized it needed to automate its GUI testing. TestComplete from SmartBear enables it to perform nightly GUI testing, which has significantly reduced pre-release errors. 

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  • Case Study: Corel Corporation

    Corel Corporation Uses TestComplete to Develop a Full-Featured Test Automation Solution

    Corel Corporation provides easy-to-use personal productivity software that helps millions of users worldwide run their businesses and extend their creativity at work and at home. When the company decided to implement the Corel Test Automation Initiative project to enhance overall software quality, it deployed TestComplete from SmartBear, using its Connected Application feature to design a full-featured automation solution.

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  • Case Study: Digital Lightwave

    Digital Lightwave Speeds Up Product Testing with TestComplete

    Digital Lightwave, Inc. provides the global communications networking industry with products, technology and services that enable the efficient development, deployment and management of high-performance networks. When the company needed to automate its product testing it deployed TestComplete from SmartBear, which improved its releases and dramatically reduced the time spent on software testing.

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  • Case Study: Epiq Systems, Inc.

    Epiq Systems Increases Testing Coverage with TestComplete

    Epiq Systems, Inc. is a leader in technology-based solutions for the legal profession. A new version of its Trustee Case Management System required the company to provide a comprehensive regression test not only for application features, but also individual custom reports. This was a daunting task, as there were tens of thousands of reports that needed to be reviewed. Fortunately, TestComplete from SmartBear was up to the task.

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  • Case Study: Esaote

    Esaote Manages Defect Control with TestComplete

    Esaote is a leader in the biomedical equipment sector. They deal with ultrasound, dedicated magnetic resonance and related software to manage the diagnostic process. Defect control is especially critical when working with equipment and software for medical processes. With such a high-stress testing environment, Esaote needed an automated testing solution that could meet their challenging requirements, so it chose TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Falafel Software

    Falafal Software Chooses TestComplete for Scalable, Easy-to-Learn Testing

    Falafel Software provides development, consulting and training services for brand name companies all over the world. When it agreed to develop Velocity, a Web-based ERP system, for a key client, Falafel needed a scalable testing system that was easy enough to learn quickly without sacrificing advanced features they would need when they gained more experience with automated testing. It found the perfect solution in TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Fidelity National Information Services

    Fidelity National Information Services Complements Manual Testing with TestComplete

    Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) is a leading provider of core financial institution processing, card issuer and transaction processing services, mortgage loan processing and related information products and outsourcing services. Its FIS Empower division is responsible for developing and marketing loan origination systems (LOS). When FIS Empower needed an automation tool to help with its manual testing efforts and to start a regression test suite, it selected TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Futura International, Inc.

    Futura International Uses TestComplete to Extend the Reach of its QA Department

    Futura International, Inc. delivers practice management software for healthcare professionals. With just a one-person QA department, Futura relies on TestComplete from SmartBear for its ability to provide extensive test coverage of a large application and run many highly repetitive tests that wouldn’t be possible to perform manually.

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  • Case Study: Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc

    Gateway Ticketing Systems Chooses TestComplete for its Complex Needs

    Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. is the world leader in high-speed, access control, admission control and ticketing software for the attraction, amusement and intercity bus transportation industries. The company’s Galaxy Point of Sale system helps calculate tax on ticket sales, split revenue among recipients and other actions. Whenever a core section of code involving financial calculations of the application is changed, thousands of case scenarios need to be run in order to ensure full regression for its customers. That’s why Gateway chose TestComplete from SmartBear for all of its testing needs.

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  • Case Study: Geocentrix

    Geocentrix Maintains Reputation for High-Quality Software with TestComplete

    Geocentrix is known for delivering high-quality software that is both easy to use and to configure. But as its products become more sophisticated, maintaining its reputation for quality became more of a challenge. Enter TestComplete from SmartBear, and problem solved.

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  • Case Study: ITAGroup

    ITA Group Reduces Test Time with TestComplete

    ITAGroup combines incentive programs, rewards and recognition, group travel and event management to engage employees, motivate channel partners and ignite customer devotion. When the company had several large projects that were using new technology, it needed to perform their testing quickly and efficiently. ITAGroup found that TestComplete from SmartBear was affordable, easy-to-use and could reduce its testing time substantially.

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  • Case Study: Laerdal

    Laerdal Replaces Manual Testing with TestComplete

    Laerdal is an international market leader in the field of basic and advanced life support training and treatment equipment. When it needed to move away from manual software testing, it looked for the right automation solution and found it in TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: MicroSystems Automation Group (MSAG)

    MicroSystems Automation Group Increases Test Coverage and Reduces Bugs with TestComplete

    MicroSystems Automation Group (MSAG) has been providing technology solutions for government and commercial clients since 1986. The company delivers an automated solution that improves business performance, reduces costs and enables its customers to better serve their own customers and/or constituents. With such a commitment to customer satisfaction, MSAG required a software testing solution that would meet its client’s exacting standards. That’s why they chose they chose TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: New Dawn Technologies

    New Dawn Technologies Gets Best Test Results with TestComplete

    New Dawn Technologies, creators of the JustWare Solutions, conducted an extensive search for a product that would enable it to test the actual usability of its product. The company tried several different products until they discovered that TestComplete from SmartBear offered more functionality and enabled it to test its application better than any other testing product.

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  • Case Study: Numara Software, Inc.

    Numara Software Transitions from Manual to Automated Testing with TestComplete

    Numara Software, Inc. is a global provider of IT management solutions for professionals who need to simplify and gain control over their increasingly complex environments. Track-It! is the company’s inventory asset management and help desk application suite, which helps IT, and help desk managers gain control over their assets and processes. Problems with manual testing led the company to search the right automated solution. It chose TestComplete from SmartBear because it was robust, cost-effective and supported Delphi.

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  • Case Study: OCERIS

    OCERIS Maintains Commitment to Quality with TestComplete

    OCERIS produces high-quality software for the medical industry. To fulfill the industry’s need for easy-to-use, intuitive software, OCERIS created FlexMedical, which brings medical software up to date. To support its commitment to building quality software, OCERIS chose TestComplete from SmartBear as its automated software testing solution.

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  • Case Study: Oklahoma State University

    Oklahoma State University Automates with TestComplete

    Oklahoma State University's field office at Eglin Air Force Base needed a test automation solution to replace the tedious and time-consuming manual testing it had been performing on its application. OSU deployed TestComplete from SmartBear for its rich features and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Case Study: Optiscan

    Optiscan Tackles Testing Challenges with TestComplete

    Optiscan is a global leader in the development and application of microscopic imaging technologies for medical markets. When its flagship medical device and associated software was in the final stages of meeting regulatory requirements and nearing full-scale production, the company needed a thorough and repeatable testing philosophy, in order to meet stringent regulatory requirements and tight project deadlines. The solution: TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Optria

    Optria Uses TestComplete to Deliver Comprehensive Event Management System

    Optria provides a robust suite of customer communications management software solutions exclusively to the financial services industry. Kinetique is its comprehensive event management system with both customer and internally driven, browser-based solutions that monitor customer and account activity. Performing end-to-end tests on Kinetigue is complicated, so automated testing is critical. Optria found a solution that’s more than up to the challenge: TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Proteans

    Proteans Automates its Testing Process with TestComplete

    Proteans partners with independent software vendors, system integrators and IT teams of businesses to develop software products that run on a wide range of environments. 
Manual testing proved to be impossible due to the number of resources involved so they turned to TestComplete from SmartBear to automate the process.

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  • Case Study: QlikTech International AB

    QlikTech International AB Uses TestComplete and Gets Results Not Possible with Automated Testing

    QlikTech International AB develops data analysis software that is easy to use, but very difficult to test. Its QlikView is a state of the art data analysis tool that can collect and associate data for analysis from multiple sources. QlikTech had been conducting manual testing of its software, but the company knew it needed to automate the process to ensure consistent results and quality. So the company turned to TestComplete from SmartBear to take its testing to the next level.

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  • Case Study: QualityMine Corporation

    QualityMine Enjoys Worry-free Testing with TestComplete

    QualityMine Corporation helps companies design and implement test automation suites and frameworks to accelerate time to market for software products with the highest quality. TestComplete from SmartBear gives QualityMine the flexibility to successfully develop a robust and reliable test automation framework, while experiencing time savings and a substantial return on investment. 

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  • Case Study: Quantum System

    Quantum Systems Improves Product Releases with TestComplete

    Quantum System's Quantum Insight application is a highly configurable and extendable adapter between the legacy Mail Application Programming Interface (MAPI) and modern .NET based interfaces. The company needed an automated solution to test this highly configurable application so they turned to TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Sage

    Sage Experiences Immense Time Savings with TestComplete

    Sage is a leading global supplier of business management software and services for small and midsized businesses. The company has more than five million global customers that rely on its software. To ensure that it meets its customers’ needs for top-quality software, Sage relies on TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: Scorpion Software Corp.

    Scorpion Software Corp. Keeps Up with the Big Boys Thanks to TestComplete

    Scorpion Software Corp. is a leading provider of security analytic tools for small businesses. As a very small ISV, Scorpion wanted to ensure it maximized every resource possible to meet the challenge of competing with larger security vendors. The company deployed TestComplete from SmartBear to ensure the quality of its products and make the testing process faster and more efficient.

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  • Case Study: TRAMS

    TRAMS Relies on TestComplete to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

    TRAMS develops and supports software for retail travel agencies in the United States and worldwide. Travel agencies using its software expect an increase in their businesses' efficiency and productivity and TRAMS expects no less from its testing tool, which is why they rely on TestComplete from SmartBear.

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  • Case Study: 1st Software

    1st Software Uses TestComplete to Ensure its Financial Management Software is a Good Investment

    1st Software develops Adviser Office, financial and client management software that is the preferred choice for half the UK’s leading financial advisers. Adviser Office is a large, stable application that will evolve over time rather than be redeveloped. The task of regression testing, prior to quarterly releases, is massive and with such a large client base it is fundamental that the application operates properly upon release. So 1st Software relies on TestComplete from SmartBear to perform high level tests quickly and efficiently.

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  • Case Study: Philips Healthcare

    TestComplete by SmartBear Automated Regression Testing Quickly Pinpoints
    Software Bugs to Accelerate Application Development and Testing

    Employing more than 37,000 people worldwide, Philips Healthcare combines
    unique clinical expertise with human insight to develop innovations that simplify
    healthcare so doctors and other medical personnel can improve the quality of people’s
    lives. With a growing presence in cardiology, oncology, and women’s health,
    the company focuses on technology solutions addressing fundamental health
    problems such as congestive heart failure, lung and breast cancers, and coronary
    artery disease. Philips Healthcare delivers value throughout the care continuum
    from disease prevention to screening and diagnosis to treatment monitoring and
    health management.

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  • Case Study: TBC Bank

    TBC Bank Reduces Application Testing from Weeks Down to Hours by Leveraging SmartBear TestComplete

    SmartBear TestComplete Accelerates Timeline for Deploying Application Updates That Enable Employees to Enhance Services Delivered to Customers
    Based in the country of Georgia in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, TBC Bank was founded in 1992 with initial capital of US $500. Today, TBC Bank is a leading Georgian bank, serving one million individual consumers and businesses. In 2013, the bank won two global sub-category awards in Consumer Internet Banking: The Best Integrated Internet Bank Site in the World and The Best Bill Payment & Presentment in the World. TBC Bank is the first Georgian bank to gain such world-wide recognition from the prestigious financial publication, Global Finance Magazine.

    Additional plaudits have come from Euromoney, Global Finance, and EMEA Finance magazines—all of which named TBC Bank as the “Best Bank in Georgia 2012.”

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  • Case Study: Command Alkon

    Command Alkon Selects SmartBear TestComplete as New Application Testing Platform

    Command Alkon provides software and hardware solutions for producers of concrete, aggregate, asphalt, and cement products. With SmartBear TestComplete, Command Alkon can now test a wider range of applications.

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  • Case Study: bonprix

    bonprix Leverages SmartBear TestComplete to Enable Continuous Software Integration and Delivery Processes

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  • Case Study: Crestron Electronics

    Crestron Electronics Streamlines Regression Testing By Leveraging SmartBear TestComplete

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  • Case Study: Technip

    Technip Reduces Regression Testing Times 300% by Leveraging SmartBear TestComplete

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